Sweet Piece of Story When Traveling to Valencia, Spain

Sweet Piece of Story When Traveling to Valencia, Spain. Cheap flights from some airlines easy to make us drool. After comparing prices, checking everyone's schedules, financial situation, everything is ok, then immediately we buy these cheap flights. From one family subscription airline travelers, Tuifly. Köln - Valencia pp. Only three of 160 euro's. Plus 50 euro train ticket from where we lived before, Bremerhaven. Cheap. We are happy to get it, because since our old hunting cheap tickets to earth aka Spanish Iberia.

Ahead of the passage of time, the family of the unfortunate travelers. Stuck his left thumb in the door of the sports club, a little cracked, and had to be cast. It happened in the evening when we had to leave. Because the doctor is okay to continue our travel plans, Embak origin doctor in the morning before leaving, so we immediately went to Cologne-Bonn airport that night. Fortunately, at the airport there is a GP practice. So Embak still be checked and replaced the bandage. Be he traveled up carrying a new load in the left hand.

With conditions Embak and Mother who was 6.5 months pregnant, we decided utuk traveled up passing. Do not over-exert yourself to see many major attractions as usual. Moreover, the four-day trip, we all want to come to Barcelona.

Station downtown Valencia is a beautiful building, colorful and unique. Right next to it stands the Plaza del Torro, a circular building to contest the matador. Unfortunately there is no matador match when we were there. So the atmosphere is mediocre.

When we were in Valencia for a little cruise. Only one and a half days. We oversleep out of the hotel. Tourist information office in the city center has been closed. We were forced to buy a map of the city at a bookstore. As I watched people bustling shopping in stores and shopping malls. Or sitting in cafes. In early December, the sun was still greeted warmly in southern Spain.

Valencia City is quite large, but invisible for too long. The buildings are well maintained. Orange trees to decorate the city. The color orange ripe tempting. The city has about 800 thousand inhabitants is one of the famous student in Iberia. Briefly noticed the new city map, we immediately proceeded to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Instead of a shopping center, but a large field in the heart of the city.

This is the widest field in Valencia. Shaped like a square with a large pool of water gushing in the middle. A giant Christmas tree adorning it. The scenery around this plaza is spectacular. On the one hand there is the town hall so beautifully carved stone. Other beautiful buildings around it, serves as banks, hotels, and offices not less interesting. Small stalls selling flowers, fruits, vegetables and newspapers.

Next destination point, one symbol of the city, La Catedral del Santo Caliz, a Roman Catholic cathedral. This old church was once a Roman temple and had also serves as a mosque. The tower height makes a magnificent appearance alone increases. Walking through the hallway next to the cathedral, we arrived at the Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados, a gigantic building baroque style. We continued to walk towards the main market was already closed, the building is unique gothic style La Lonja de la Seda, the silk trade center. Because of the beauty and grandeur, the building ordained as one of the cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The day started at dusk. We took a break Plaza de la Virgen, the field near the Basilica. Mingle with the tourists and townspeople near the gushing water. Indh designs and sculptures made with gushing water was used as the background of the photo by travelers, including us.

At night, we walked to the Torres de Serranos, the tower guards from the Gothic era. Nearby there is a very large park with trees that may be hundreds of years old. In the field in the park we saw a lot of people playing football in the evening.

After that, we decided to visit the beach. It is said that the students often have parties there. Tram ride through some of the university that looks so spacious. We got lost, one chose the stop to get off. Luckily the beach is not too far away. The beach was deserted that day. Naturally. It was dark, cold and blowing evening angina. The cafe and restaurant by the beach there is not much open. Unfortunately, when the beach looks very white and clean. Definitely crowded as the day was warm.

Coming back to the hotel, we stopped by the night market near the beach. Buying corn on the cob teaser faith in the evenings. A quick stop in the heart of bustling nan and Plaza del Torro, was partly serves as a matador stadium souvenir market in the evening. Almost all sellers faced Indian. Right in front of the hotel, we come to the stalls to buy fried rice sari asia sea. That day we did a grueling but unforgettable.


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