Surrounding Traveled Europe With Night Train

Surrounding traveled Europe with Night Train. If you're in Europe, or are planning to come there, but have limited time, a week or two weeks for example. There are certain ways that you can maximize your visit with minimal cost. One way is to use the night train between countries, such as the City Night Line, Deutsche Bahn NachtZug, Euro Night, and D-Zug.
Trains stopping above the major cities in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Such as Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Zagreb, Rome, and Venice. Driving with them allows us to utilize the most of limited time. Night train is divided into three kinds, regular seating, simple bed, and the bed was comfortable.

City Night Line for example, has an extensive network, with some kind of rail transit in a big city. So if you want to Paris from Hamburg, we can continue the journey to Berlin. From there, to Amsterdam. Continues to Zurich, Prague, and so on. Culture, art, architecture and history, traditions, festivities and shopping in the metropolitan cities, can be done in a single package visit Europe.
Cheap to expensive rates can be selected according to the circumstances and condition of the body bag. When able-bodied, strong and slim pocket, could choose where to sit. They cost from 29 euros per person each way. Physical must be properly primed. Especially if traveling for days, which means that sat overnight in the train. If deep thicker, just choose a simple or comfortable sleeping car. Its simple, has six beds per cabin costs from 49 euros per person each way. The beds are comfortable, with two to four four-bed in each cabin, priced from 69 euros per person each way. These tariffs can be obtained by those who make booking in advance.

Excess use the night train to travel around Europe are:
- Suitable for those who have no time.
- The train station usually located in the center of town. No need to stress and pay more than if the airplane.
- There is a special parking bikes on the train, pengehmatan time and money in the destination city.
- Can enjoy a full day in the city. Night train usually up in the city where eight to nine in the morning. And headed for the destination city at 9 pm.
- Save cost of the hotel. With sleep while riding the train in the evening, and the streets in the morning and during the day, then you do not need a hotel for overnight stay.
- Restaurant facilities, and showers for bedded cabin.
There used to offer economical package for seven European countries in seven days by the German railway company. Sadly now no longer apply. And with the package, these travelers could actually seven countries around the cheap.


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