Super Kite Festival Performances in The Area of Yogyakarta

Kite Festival performances in the area of Yogyakarta
Department of Tourism Government of Yogyakarta back menggeler annual celebration of national kite festival which was held on the beach Glagah Kulonprogo on 13-14 October 2012.

Head of Tourism Department of Yogyakarta M. Tazbir said as many as 39 teams from various regions will participate in the festival. "The team consists of 15 participating local clubs and 24 clubs nationwide," said Tazbir in Yogyakarta, Thursday, October 11, 2012.

National clubs that participated were from Central Java, West Java, East Java, Jakarta and Riau. In this annual festival, said Tazbir, contested five categories. Includes classroom Kites 2 Dimensions (Local and National), Kite 3 Dimensions (Local and National), Traditional Kites (National), Kite Train - Naga (National), and Rokaku Challenge (National).

For the category of long-Train Dragon kite at least 20 meters. Assessment includes an assessment of the problem and the original form, neatness, full color, balance flying, flying in the air a long time and good color on top. "Altitude to fly at least 100 meters," he said.

Head of the Department of Tourism Destination Development DIY Sinang Sukamta said Glagah been proposed as Pelayang Coast since last year. "Efforts to build a beach as a tourist destination that is always interesting to visit, not just rely on the natural aspect, but also sought to design a distinctive and unique activities are done continuously," he said.

Government DIY expect every object point on the south coast of Yogyakarta has a unique individual who can make the tourists continue to be attracted to come. "If Siung as beach rock climbers, the pelayang Glagah shores, we expect all have merits," he said.

While the organizers of the Rainbow Community Yogyakarta involved in these activities, Joni Candra said the festival will compete for the trophy to hopes III champion, coaching certificates and money. Besides kite competitions, the festival will also feature araksi pelayang local and national communities.

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