Super Fast Racing Car Owned Sale John Mayer Rp. 2.5 Billion

Super Fast Racing Car Owned Sale John Mayer USD 2.5 Billion
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Jakarta - Singer John Mayer is one celebrity that happy with the car. One of the cars that once wore is now for sale on eBay. Interested?


Ford GT race car that is blue berkelir was sold for U.S. $ 265,000 approximately USD 2.5 billion.


By Mayer, cars manufactured in Michigan, the United States was intentionally dibalur blue with accents of racing, and there are number 6 on the side, hood and tail.


Mayer was delighted with sports cars. Previously, he had purchased a car like the Audi R8 and Ferrari.


Mayer admitted that he bought the car the way is definitely considered foolish by others. For example, when he was sad he bought a Ferrari. At that time he had just broken up with Jennifer Aniston.


"You do not buy a Ferrari when you're happy, you just buy a Ferrari when you are sad. You buy a Ferrari when there are lost of you. Things like that is the ticket to get out of the game. You have to enjoy your life," he said as reported by AskMen.


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