Super Exciting Vacation in the City of Love Paris

Super Exciting Vacation in the City of Love Paris. Initially wanted to give the title Mother Mother-Saba Paris. For the past months, some of the women we love to visit the city without their partner. But because its so new Mother Mother at family travelers, ya-ya ya replaced it. Let Mother also look younger. hehehe.

This time we left the tour buses come cheap. From the city where we lived. Almost every week there is this kind of tour cities terekat. Such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. It costs only 35 euro in the winter. If the summer a little expensive, 39 euro's.
Super Exciting Vacation in the City of Love Paris,I like it.

The ya-ya's from the beginning of a scene to make itinerary. Which, if considered, not far away from eating meals. Among popped into two kosher restaurant in Paris and the cafe Laduree, macaron pioneer famous throughout France and even in the world. However, knowing that nothing is not cheap in the city is also a relatively short time, visit restonya reduced to a single one. We agreed to try authentic French food and halal.

Kerangkatan in the morning on a Saturday in March, beginning with small incidents that could make Mother excited. Then, accompanied by a bus trip to the destination smoothly. Paris is rather cloudy. But not too cold. Because unloaded at the junction between the Champ Elysee and Arc de Triomph, we decided to Patisserie Laduree in Champ Elysee.
Super Exciting Vacation in the City of Love Paris, You should try it.

We trace it's crowded roads. Due to the record number where the famous cafes address. Wash the eyes with a pretty good picture.

Arriving at Laduree snaking queues. Reportedly memeng so. Because of well-known, of course, lots of people want to taste the cake, pastry and macaron. Cafés were renovated. Delicatessen is open as usual. Special macaron and trinkets no separate counter in the front. Equally long queues. Each macaron we purchased some grain for 1.70 euros. Nearly 20 dollars.

Berlanjuat adventure towards the Eiffel Tower. One of our first visit this city. We accidentally left the right path through the boutiques and a very luxurious hotel. We
imagine laughing.

Eiffel himself busy as usual. Though not yet summer. Soon, we were in the tram to Paris Mosque. A similar mosque mosque in Morocco. With carved wood, beautiful ceramics and a large garden in it. People in and out and very crowded. Since it is also opened to the public.

It was getting dark as we were out of the mosque. Stomach growling. For potluck lunch at noon only eat from home. Did not think when a previous trip takes a long time.

Nearly seven in the evening we just found Le Jumeyrah, French halal food resto rather on the edge of Paris. Our first customer. The owner who seemed very enthusiastic Moroccans choose seats for us. And explain a variety of food on the menu in English. We do not mudeng-mudeng, so he had to repeat many times.

An appetizer, main and dessert takes two days to spend. Only one of us ordered an appetizer. Form of smoked salmon and a baguette. Salmon was smoked salmon seasin supermarket. Farrago main dish. His mother choose the grilled chicken with noodles and sauce that tastes like gorgonzola but more gentle on the tongue. Others chose mashed potatoes with shredded duck meat. One more meat with grilled sayauran. All seemed satisfied with their choice. Cover dish was tasty. Creme brulee is using dark chocolate. A mixture of sweet and bitter. The ice cream was really tempting. Although quite expensive for our bags (about 25 euro) per person, but really satisfying to taste like French food is halal.


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