Super Crazy! World's Smallest V8 engine, Can Hand Held

Super Crazy! World's Smallest V8 engine, Can Hand Held

Jakarta - In the automotive world the V8 engine is one of the most fearsome machine. Voiced fierce with great strength is its characters. Normally, the machine has a large capacity V8, but look at this one machine. It is the world's smallest V8 engine with a capacity of only 100 cc.

Reported motoauthority, Friday (05/10/2012) V8 engine is a machine made ​​Conley Precision Engines which they named Stinger 609. Although small, four-stroke engine is equipped with a supercharger.


But because it was considered too small for a car, the engine is capable of spinning up to 10,000 rpm with peak power in the 9 hp is not going to be placed beneath the hood of a car, but likely only be a machine for model cars are small or remote controls.


In dimension, this machine is only 35 cm in length with a width of 15.24 cm and height 25.4 cm. So we were like fingers can play on this machine.


Even so, the appearance, voice and ability can be fairly capable for its size and is not inferior to the normal V8 engine.


And although this is just a small machine, pocket which must be removed to get fairly large, reaching U.S. $ 7,000 or approximately USD 67.2 million.


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