Sundries Suzuki Inazuma Super Economical Motor Fuel

Sundries Suzuki Inazuma Super Economical Motor Fuel
The more tortured, more violent. Maybe that's the right thing to Suzuki Inazuma. It's nothing, getting tortured, Inazuma fuel consumption more efficient. In recent testing, Inazuma record efficiencies of up to 1:39 or 1 liter to 39 km. Similar to the consumption of a moped.

Shortly after its release last Friday (12/10), the motor is immediately punished in the long turing between Jakarta to Kuta, Bali, Inazuma by 20 journalists in the line as far as 1,200 km.

In the stage between Jakarta to Baturraden, Inazuma fuel consumption recorded at 27 km / liter. But in the next stage towards Yogyakarta, Inazuma fuel consumption more efficient.

Even Inazuma consumption is almost the same as the fuel consumption of a moped that is 39.39 km / liter. Though the machine picked up Inazuma is a two-cylinder engine capacity of 250 cc. Until Sarangan entourage arrived in the area, East Java, which is uphill, Inazuma fuel consumption by an average bike still exceed 32 km / liter.

The more special, because the achievement was obtained without changing the style of each rider a ruthless journalist. Motor speed was not reduced on average between 60-120 km / h.

"While speeding, an important open-closed gas done fine," said Jojo who reached efficiencies 39.39 km / liter.

Whereas in the group, specifically automotive journalist is in the forefront. The streets through which feels incomplete because winding path filled, straight, uphill and downhill.

Suzuki Inazuma itself is a motor sport that has the nickname Baby B-King. This motor holding 248 cc engine, SOHC with 2 cylinders and liquid cooled. Engine mated to a 6-speed transmission is capable of displaying 11,5:1 compression ratio achieved.

Motor is released at a price of USD 46 million is capable of producing power by 26 bhp at 8,500 rpm and torque of 24 Nm at 7,000 rpm.


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