Story Points During the Holidays Set in Venice, Italy

Story Points During the Holidays set in Venice, Italy
by Feronica Luttmer
27 Mai - June 6, 2004
Very enjoyable holiday in Venice. The scenery here is very beautiful. The city is surrounded by several canals. Should sich if here is not in the holiday season is full of tourists, because it will narrow and expensive.

At the time we end Mai vacation until early June so. The air was pretty good and not too full of tourists. Actually we are not just a vacation in Venice, but also Gardasee and Verona. It's just a story of our time in Venice alone.

We are leaving for vacation by car and intend camper. Staying at the hotel in venezia is expensive. Therefore, the best alternative is a camper. Place kempingnya contained in Punta Sabbioni side of city of Venice. City of Venice can be in use at the time approximately 45 minutes from Punta Sabbioni to perau motor.

For those who fly to Venice, can also cross into Punta Sabbioni to stay there. At that time many Italians on holiday to Venice by car camper to stay in the area of ​​Punta Sabbioni, but did not stay at the camp complex. And where they parked it in the parking ban, but still wrote them cool. In fact, fishing and fish grilled right there.

From where to stay / camper into the harbor just off the boat. About a 15 minute walk. Tenpat camper rental price when it was 21 euros a night. People can also rent a bungalow refrigerated if you like.

For transportation, the public usually ride a motor boat. Functions like a bus, but walking on water. There are also numerous stations dismissal. At that time one person ticket price 6 euro pp. 24-hour ticket costs 10.50 euros per person. There are also tickets for 3 and 5 days.

In Venice there are two train stations. D island (Santa Lucia station) and the mainland (Venezia Mestre station). From Santa Lucia to Mestre could take the train with the current rate was 1 euro per person. Initially we bought tickets pp only. And while it's a bit late to cross. Apparently one day while walking around Venice, making the body stiff and not everything can be seen. The next day we bought a 24 hour ticket so they can get around the water bus / boat.

Many people camper carrying Kanu or small boat alone. From there, they paddled up to Venezia. Sometimes we have seen, was so full of the canal with boats and gondolas, to the extent that collide. When one boat dikayuh backwards, pengayunya not see a single gondola going through. Motorists angry gondola. Not to mention the added bus or water taxi. If summer, definitely more lively atmosphere. Channel is also definitely more crowded by the tourists who bring their own boats.

gondola-veneziaGondola is typical boat in Venice. Dikayuh surround channels by pengmudinya. The price is not necessarily cheap bargain before riding. At that time it cost about 62 euro weeks to 50 minutes (maximum 5 people). We did not go up because we think are too expensive.

Our place is surrounded:
- Mark Square (Markusplace) is the heart of the city. We are here also can photograph our time to feed the pigeons, live buy bird food wrote, I just ride mejeng sich wrote.

- Basilica di San Marco (Mark Church). We can go there after we pay admission. It's just that time we did not go in because the queue is very long. We take pictures only from the outside. This church has three facades of the building, where the two main level fully decorated with mosaics.

- Palazzo Ducale (Dogenpalace), second building is associated with the Church through the Porta della Carta Mark which is the entrance to the courtyard. The admission price here is € 9.5 times. This building is a major work of transitional style between gothic and Renaissance. The building is also a symbol of power, strength and beauty of the Venezia. Unfortunately we did not get into the expensive here than really long queue. And this time it's not really tourist season, how to time the tourist season huh?

- Campanile, a tower of the Church of Markus. Di Venezia named host. The tower is a symbol of power and of the Republic. In recognition can be seen from the majestic statue of the Angel Gabriel since 1517 that are on the tower that houses this place. Italian church tower was always built to fit the church and be a part of the profit from Venezia. When 14 July 1902 tower collapse, luckily just in front of the tower. In the years 1903 - 1912 in the wake of back to normal. From the top of the tower we could see the sights around the city and the lagoon.

- Rialto Bridge, the bridge is in the building to contact between the canal was first built of wood. This bridge collapsed due to objections spectators on the bridge, when there is a wedding procession. The bridge was finally built of stone. This bridge is the first bridge in Venice. When we were there, there was a bridal couple from England who married in Venice and took the photo above is the Rialto Bridge.

- San Giorgio Maggiore, the church is located opposite the island of Venice. With a 24 hour flight we could get there by water bus. The church is built of limestone. In the church's rich, it's just up to the tower we have to pay admission.

Better we also walking distance to the circumference around Venice, with so many we could find some old buildings around it. By passing several small alleys that surround Venezia.

- Lido, for the Italians who live on this island can not say as Venezia. For the Venetians, the island was used to sunbathe on the beach in front of the house. On this island we can find a shack or a small wooden house on the beach. The building is in use in the summer time, the price to rent the building was not cheap. We circled the island only by foot. Not all of the island we saw. We also take a walk on the beach.

- Murano, a water bus ride to the island again we are known as the island with many forms of art made from glass souvenir or decoration. We can see that the factory was made of glass marbles. The island is only inhabited by artists because first administration Venezia afraid of fire from the heat of the oven glass and other countries fear stealing technique makes this glass. First, not all can menyingahi island.

- Burano, Murano island as inhabited by artists, only the island to the art of crochet lace craftsmen.
For those who want to see Venice carnival mask, preferably at the end of February vacation there. I have other stories as well, for those who want to sit drinking coffee or ice in restaurant in the main square with orchestranya Mark. We will also have to pay the cost to hear the music the orchestra. Should sit on the steps around the square, free


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