Stepping Definitely Vacation to In Place Boujeloud

Stepping Definitely Vacation to In Place Boujeloud. A long article about the experience in Fes el Bali was Emak write and thank God in Jawapos few weeks ago. A visit to the oldest part of the city's Mother Fes think is most impressive.

In Place Boujeloud, we berisitirahat. Sitting on the steps opposite Moulay Idriss College as well as send text messages to a younger student. A young man approached us while busy shooting. Speaking in French and Arabic. We did not get the point. But hearing the words of dirhams, we conclude he asked for money. Her body looks healthy. Even fat. His mother and father through the eyes of compact coding. Shook his head, smiling at the young man.
Stepping Definitely Vacation to In Place Boujeloud.

Go through Chapter Chorfa, old gates, brown, opaque but still look manly, a father approached. The area is about to close for the preparation jumatan. He offered us a tour inside the medina, so as not to get lost. Had a map and a warning to be careful facing wild tour, we rejected subtly. Instead, we pass the traditional market. Various outcomes are sold at stalls is simple. Some sellers held in tarpaulin-plastic sheeting only. The atmosphere is similar to the traditional markets in the country. Although various merchants jumble, it all looks relatively clean.

In the medina, the more varied scenery. Of merchant fabric, bags, shoes, handicrafts, souvenirs, leather goods, traditional stalls, to various craftsmen. Deeper into the belly medina, we will find merchants condiments, olives, honey, cosmetics, and many more. Getting into, the number of elderly beggars any more.

The main target of the day was Zawiya Moulay Idriss II and Qarawiyyin mosque. It is adjacent. After her younger students find us, we move faster. No need to find a way to think while looking at a map that is not clear. There is no good map to Medina, they said. It's very confusing for the layman of the atmosphere of this old city.

Soon also we were both mosque. Both are closed to non-Muslims. Hordes of Japanese tourists and the occasional white mosque spying contents from the outside. As Muslims, we are grateful to get PRIVILEG easily enter and enjoy the beauty of the interior.

Before the men Jumatan, we require transfer to an open tanning center in Fes el Bali.Di one height. A building containing leather goods shops. Fes city is very famous for its commodities skin. Excellent quality with low prices, said the brothers. Dad bought a nice leather jacket in a shop. Because of the heat, a mix of basic and tanned skin which cause odor very much. Unable to stand for long, we go down. Paying tribute to a guard.

The last day before flying back to Germany, once again we're here. Increase the view of Fes el Bali. Buying souvenirs while trying to plant it deep in our memories. We know, will be missed after returning home.


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