Stay at Hotel Etap Antwerp Central

Our departure of Antwerp including sudden. Only about 2 weeks before departure. To travel with a stay, two weeks is a rather short time to plan everything. While previously we had planned to go there, but we got a new surety thereafter. However, before the pre-departure course, when prices mengcek hostel in this city, we see the price is approaching the 100 euros per room night. Not a cheap price for our family. 

Mas Riza's family, companions to Antwerp plans to stay at the Hotel Ibis. Not bad, not too expensive. about 65 euro's per night, he said. We check into the Hotel Ibis, its location was not in the city. For the Hotel Ibis in the city, the tariff is more expensive. Almost the same as the other hotels we saw of the hotel booking sites subscriptions family travelers. Eh, Mother suddenly remembered that in Western Europe there is a considerable network of affordable hostels, the Etap Hotel. Only 50.50 euro rate per night we could stay there. Much cheaper than others. Our direct message. 

This is Etap hotel chain, one parent with brands, but for the cheap segment. Suitable for family travelers.
Our friend, mas Riza apparently decided to stay in the same hotel. The fee is cheaper and it's location was not far from the center of Antwerp. Upon check-in we were a little deg-deg's. Because there is little ambiguity in the regulations hotel. When ordering, there is a rule that one room can be filled with a maximum of three people both adults and children. But when read further, may bring up to two children. But everything went smoothly at the reception desk. Although we had to wait a long time. For one of his father between the two front only began his first day on the day of our arrival. So the other father taught while serving guests.

That day, all hotel rooms are fully booked up nearly 150 people. Until a black father who did not get a room saying, that we took the last room allotments that should belong to them. His mother explained that we had booked in advance via the Internet. 

The above rates do not include breakfast. If you want breakfast, should add 6 euros per person. The fall is much more expensive than if we buy or bring their own food. 

After check in and pay rates overnight one night, we did not get a key or card. But a proof of payment with a special number. Well the numbers are used to open the room. 

First impressions, the hotel is clean. Starting from the reception area, lobby, elevators, corridors. The bedroom door opened with no problem. They are also relatively clean. The bathrooms are very small, like a box with a plastic door, separate WC. Standard equipment such as soap and glass available right near the bathroom sink. In addition to the double bed, there is another bed tinggu fit on it. The children scramble to climb to the top. The old 14-inch TV models lies in the corner. Her show in Dutch and French. Not many choices, but there is a special train children. 

With the price of such a standard, we think this hotel is quite comfortable. If prices remain low, we would definitely stay again at this hotel chain....


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