Sophisticated Gas Car, Let's Switch to The Mobil Gas Fired

Sophisticated gas car, let's switch to the Mobil Gas Fired
Jakarta - Infrastructure is minimal makes the car Fuel Gas (CNG) is still limited in number in Indonesia. Only a handful of people who are interested in using a gas-fueled car.

The most frequent reason was a concern raised gas could explode at any time. But know this, gas-fueled car it is now becoming more sophisticated. What was it?


The original company from Italy, PT Autogas Indonesia (AGI) enhancing car parts Fuel Gas (CNG). Major components were Lovato Squential Injection Kit as the 'brains' smart. This tool is also a control unit (computer).


Recognized the usefulness of such a device can set the system work BBG or vigas.
It works different from the electronic control unit (ECU) gasoline vehicles.


The control unit on the gas the car could make the shift when using CNG or gasoline, or vice versa. And it suits the needs of the machine.


Unfortunately, the control unit is still supported riders hands. Motorists need to press or move the lever on the dashboard.


Once converted, the computer immediately corrected to make the shift. After that, the computer will make corrections and adjustments automatically. The advantage of these tools can be faster than ever.


"Kit converters currently available Lovato Squential Injection Kit to help move more quickly. So, do not rely on the existing system on gasoline engines," President Director of PT Autogas Indonesia at IIMS 2012, Thomas Nurhakim Autogas booth, at JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta .


PT Autogas offer installation converter for fuel gas (CNG) kit for fuel and vigas. Consumers simply pay Rp 12 million, following the installation.


detikOto never test the performance of the Honda Civic CNG owned Wamen EMR. It feels like a regular gasoline car. There are no symptoms throb. While the shift from gasoline to gas need not doubt. 'Smooth' as the car in general.


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