Solingen-Germany, The Shopping Favorite Housewife

Solingen-Germany, The Shopping Favorite Housewife. It has been over two hundred hundred years, Solingen a city in the state of North Rhine-Westfale, Germany is known as a city of craftsmen household appliances made of metal. Various types of knives, pots, pans, and much more. Parents His mother had also once said, a knife made in Solingen has excellent-quality to hold up for years.
So far, we know only from Solingen their products only. Knives as much as possible we have chosen come from there. Although the blade from there actually has one drawback: the price is usually a little more than other blades. As a souvenir of the knives were here greeted with joy by the recipient.
Last March, our family had a walk in groups to several cities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Among them are Solingen. Unfortunately we kesorean get there. The shops in the town center is closed. Popular kitchen appliance factory outlet & Zwilling J.A. Haenckel also closed. We only get to see most of the items sold through the glass storefront. At that time, it has made us see, housewives drool.
Actually, if you want to buy products they do not need to Solingen. In each major stores in Germany such as Kaufhof, Karstadt, etc. The items are sold as is. But according to the information of a friend, by buying at the factory, we'll get low prices. Especially for a sort items. The price could be 50-70 per cent cheaper than the price at a regular store.
So when you find Zwilling factory outlet cover, embossed incredible curiosity. Want to come back here as soon as possible. Gratitude that desire can be fulfilled month later. We are a family with more friends come back. We intentionally left early in the morning of Duren. From Cologne we boarded the train to Solingen Hbf. Now from here, Solingen city center is still far away. It must be reached by train or city bus. If you take the train, you should get off at the Grünewald, one stop after Solingen Hbf.
Zwilling factory outlets & J.A. Haenckel located very near from here. Stay up to the bridge on it, crossing 20 meters turn right's. We arrived in heaven housewives.
His mother initially somewhat confused going into this store. Looks quiet from the outside. Only a few parents as customers. It was like getting into a super exclusive store only. Once inside, MALS going out again. see dream kitchen utensil display in front of the eyes. Knives with cutting-edge design. Wdah magnetized plastic knife. da cutting kyu also magnetized, heavy pots like yours mama first. Also weighing in the cost of expensive alias. Shortly after our customers from China entourage swarmed the store. Most of them bought a Victorinox knife.
Discounted goods on the back of the store. Long we select and sort out which ones to buy. Considering what is needed and affordable to the pockets. Opened the lid, stroking a set of expensive cutlery, cutlery enjoy the unique Disney themed funny, try expensive knife, saw one at an exclusive pan-type knife and still be a dream. There are always new and interesting things we found. One and a half hours of being truly feels short.
We continue the journey into the city center Solingen. Crowded up there. Soil structure bumpy so we rode down the streets in the city there. But for Mother, much pleasing in the store Zwilling than the streets in this city. :)


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