Solar Not Suitable for Sportage Diesel

Solar Not Suitable for Sportage Diesel

KIA Sportage Platinum (Rengga-detikFoto)

KIA Sportage Most 'Gee'

Jakarta - The quality of diesel in question is the reason for many manufacturers to not sell diesel cars in Indonesia. As perceived by PT KIA Motor Indonesia. And Kia has a lot of diesel engines in the global automotive market.


But unfortunately these cars barred from Indonesia due to the quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia inadequate.


"Actually, we have diesel are quite popular, only the problematic quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia. Thing that makes some tough diesel KIA cars entered Indonesia," said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia, Hartanto Sukmono on the sidelines of the launch of the Sportage SUV at Platinum Orchid Garden mall, Jalan S Parman, West Jakarta, Wednesday (09/05/2012).


For this reason the IMA decided not to market KIA Sportage diesel. One of the most feared sides KMI is the many complaints from the consumers of diesel engines if KMI still obtrude meniagakan KIA Sportage diesel.


"Because we are thinking about the convenience of users KIA. Then we do not want to enter a type of diesel to Indonesia because of the quality of diesel has not met the standard diesel engine of the KIA. Though KIA diesel engines in Europe and America are very popular once," said Hartanto.


In the meantime, Kia will continue to sell gasoline engines prior to the government to improve the quality of diesel fuel.


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