Shopping Exciting Tour in The Netherlands

Shopping exciting tour in the Netherlands.The title this time is actually much more bombastic than reality. Do not imagine we traveled shopping branded items and expensive in the Netherlands. Absolutely not. The truth is Saturday last week we shared a couple of Aachen came across two small Dutch town near the border with Germany to buy one or two things.
From Aachen we left a little early, around ten-thirty. for a daily ticket to the Netherlands can only be purchased on the bus number 50 towards Maastricht, we were riding the bus. Only until Vaals, the village at the border between Germany and the Netherlands.
From there it was a long time we waited for the bus number 43 towards Heerlen. Even we were surprised when our schedules did not find the bus stop number 43 on Saturday. turns out he passes next stops. Today the wind was blowing pretty hard, so it was bone-chilling temperatures.
Bus 43 runs quietly through the countryside, rolling hills and farmland. Passing many stops stops, journey feels long. The streets in the Netherlands was deserted. After some time we arrived at the station Heerlen. From here the journey continues towards Wilhelminastraat, Brunssum. There are four choices of bus number 21, 28, 36 and 37. We do not have to wait long, was able to sit again in the warm bus.
Indradjaja shop is not far from the bus stop Wilhelminastraat, Brunssum. Staying walking toward the bus rate, cross, drove into a shopping center, turn right, about 20 meters on the right side. Indonesia immediately stinging smell of food when we got there. In addition to selling staples original homeland, it also sells food and snacks are also typical of us. Smells certainly made us hungry. We were greeted by a miraculous father old mother who was enjoying the dishes while chatting. This store is slightly larger than Indonesia in Hamburg store. goods sold was relatively the same. Crackers, salted fish, a variety of snacks, ketchup, syrup, instant noodles. Makes us more hungry eyes and want to buy a lot of things. Half-an-hour to be there, we go out, find the city bench. While eating lunch breaks to recharge again before going to the next destination.
Bus number 39 from the station towards IKEA Heerlen turns the vehicle capacity of 8 people. There may be more. All are seated and buckled. Seven of us at that time. There is a roomy place for younger stroller behind the passenger seat. Fortunately, Mas said Riza. If more than eight, it seems that the rest had to wait for the next bus. Yeah, right. One stop after the station, two women want to ride. Since only the rest of the bench, they can not go up. Pas call to a central driver, told his mother to wait for about ten minutes until a vehicle transporting them.
IKEA is a fun place to wash the eyes. Although we are not spending much. Unable to mobile networks for a while if this furniture. Many items are unique and interesting. Seeing well-arranged furniture is great so kepengen cepet-cepet own house. So that we can order it interesting as beautiful as the IKEA furniture.


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