Shocking? Why Many Expatriates Japan in Dusseldorf?

Shocking? Why Many Expatriates Japan in Dusseldorf?
 While visiting Immermannstrasse in Duesseldorf, I've wondered. Why do so many Japanese people living in Dusseldorf? Said a friend, they originally came to study art, but then many do not return to their home country.

Answer my question was answered when carrying an article in the online magazine der Spiegel. There is a story about a Japanese immigrants, as well as information about the number of Japanese people in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany this.


Japanese village in Duesseldorf, is the third largest in Europe. After London and Paris. According to the consulate general of Japan in this city, in 2008 there were almost eight thousand people of Japanese origin living in Dusseldorf and the surrounding areas. There are so many German companies have branches here. IN the year 2008, a total of 507 Japanese companies have a representative in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Fifty-eight percent of them were in Duesseldorf.


The Japanese first came to Duesseldorf in 1905. But a lot of them came about 60 years later. After the second world war, Japan looking for raw materials to rebuild their country in the form of steel, industrial machinery and chemicals. And they are widely found in the industrial Ruhr region. Duesseldorf to offer ourselves as a base, because its position is easily reached via the river traffic to ports such as Rotterdam. As well as the city's proximity to the industrial Ruhr region. The first Japanese businessman living in 1951 in this city, as well as the first trade in 1955. The number of Japanese jumped from 279 people in 1961 to one thousand people in the late sixties. Until the early nineties, their numbers continue to grow.


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