Sensing Plate Halal Food in Switzerland

Sensing plate Halal Food in Switzerland. His mother previously thought, obtaining halal food, such as kebabs, as in Germany going easy. Lha both speak German. Apparently oh it turns out, according to our host, was relatively uncommon in Switzerland doner kebab seller is. One reason is in Switzerland are not allowed to slaughter the animals. So the meat must be imported from other countries. And this also affects diet Muslims here. They prefer to eat fish, added our host in Zurich. That is a lot, we noticed was home eating China-Thailand.

Alhamdulillah, as long as we in Switzerland can be practically rarely buy food on the street. Except when we were on the trip. In addition to hard to find halal food, another constraint is the price of food there is expensive by the standards of family travelers. So we prefer to buy food at the supermarket than in a restaurant
. Sensing plate Halal Food in Switzerland,Enjoy it.

Well at the supermarket is very limited. One alternative is cheap and kosher tuna sandwich. Not all of them kosher. We have to check the ingredients one by one. Forget what brand, but we buy in the supermarket named Coop. It was less steady. Bread white bread. Tuna served with mayonnaise. Bland. Only a slight saltiness of the tuna. Due to the limited choices, yes that is quite often we buy for traveling in Switzerland.

Luckily kids do not fuss about food when you're on the go. When to Bern, we buy buns and cheese slices. Eat just like in the vehicle. Cheap and halal.

Once we bought food at the restaurant Singapore. There rendang and chicken curry. Expensive for the size of Germany. But many portions. Children prefer chicken satay. It was not too Indonesia. Delicious is, the important live to eat. No need to cook first ... hehehe


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