Sensation Travelling To Riga, Latvia in The Winter

Sensation Travelling to Riga, Latvia in the Winter. Vacation while freezing certainly less comfortable. After a vacation to Warsaw in December tahun2008 ago, we actually do not want to repeat it. So we anticipate the holiday early. Namely in a fall getaway to the two Baltic states, Latvia and Lithuania in mid-October of this year.

We estimate the temperature fall sekisaran 10 ° C would still be our pass. Two or three days before leaving any temperature estimates in Riga, Latvia, our holiday destination, it is still pointing to the 8-10 ° C. Still safe, we thought. Sensation Travelling to Riga, Latvia in the Winter.

What is the reality not as beautiful as expected. At night when we went to Bremen, where Ryanair plane will lift off, the air temperature dropped close to zero degrees. Already, the four of us were cold. In addition, the jacket is not getting a winter jacket.

Due to the weather, the plane landed a ride directly to Riga. Thankfully save time our 4 hour bus ride Kaunas - Riga. In the small but pretty Riga airport, we took a break. Digest the information in the handbook as well as touring around the airport. Change money at a bank at the airport, then we know that their currency, Lat, the exchange rate is higher than the euro. One euro = 0.7 lat time.

A bus took us straight to the city center, in the area near the bus station and railway station. we directly examined the map in the guide book, to be immediately to the inn. Fortunately inn named Baron City location not too far from the old town of Riga.

Exhausted, the four of us went to bed instead. New evening we go out looking for dinner. We found a cheap Japanese restaurant, Gan Bei at a shopping center in Riga central station complex. The night was pretty cold. And we just got out lodging at half eight at night. Not much unless we see small shops inside the station and the surrounding area.

The next morning, the show begins major roads. Rather morning we started. Whereas in the weather forecast, we see the weather will be near freezing, 0-2 ° C. Not to mention there is a chance of rain in the afternoon. Winds less friendly as well. Our trip that day was full of struggle must be passed by.

Initially we wanted to visit a house that serves as a mosque in the capital of Latvia is. Unfortunately, after a long walk, we did not find someone there. So the intention of our gathering was accomplished.

It makes us come back down Brivibas iela walking towards the old city center. We had met beautiful orthodox church. This domed building with lots glance looks like a mosque. From here we continue through the Esplanade towards the town hall and through the theater.

Riga, capital of Latvia was once occupied by the Germans: IN 1991, when the Soviet Union was governed by Boris Yeltsin, Latvia together with other Baltic countries like Estonia and Lithuania became an independent state. Most of the country is also from Russia.

Icy-cold, we still eagerly walked to the former fortress Riga. However disappointed, the former fortress has been restored into a newer building and only some walls just look old. In a church, looking mob recently finished attending Sunday mass. It seems like a lot of people come to church Riga. Because it still looks crowded mass.

Soon, we reached the Dome area. Where rows of beautiful old buildings standing. Some are under construction. Just as Warsaw, the heart of Riga's old town is also included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

We just capture the atmosphere of the video camera when suddenly Emak camera battery runs out. We will take a big camera, you realize that the camera is left in the inn. Feels upset. The spirit went on immediately disappeared. Moreover, a sense of cold and hunger began to whack. Resentment is now complete.

Then we decided to walk back to the inn. Proceeded without any photo memories seemed less steady. Although eventually part of Riga's old town atmosphere we recorded only by memory.

Back, we had lunch, perpetuating some of the monuments and buildings as well as enjoy a great atmosphere and the terminal market of Riga. Because we had to buy tickets to Kaunas in Lithuania for the next day.

Finally, the spirit of the streets can no longer compromise with the cold weather and the endurance. Cold, we immediately returned to the inn. Spent the rest of the evening in our warm and cozy lodge.


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