Sensation Travel to Hannover, Germany

Sensation Travel to Hannover, Germany. While still living in Bremerhaven and got student tickets half, Hannover this is one city that can be reached for free with the ticket. So we quite often go here. Although rarely get around the city center to enjoy the contents.

Apart from being the capital of the state of Lower Saxony, Hannover famous for exhibition complex. One of the big international exhibitions are CEBIT, latest communication technology exhibition, held once a year.


If a visit to Hannover, there is a unique orientation for the tourists to travel around the city center. His name is Roter Faden. Is a pointer along the 4 kilometer line, pengubung 36 points tourist attraction in the heart of Hannover. The starting point and the end is a tourist information office next to Haputbahnhof (main station), which stands proudly right in front of a statue of a former King Ernst August (reigned 1837-1851) in Hannover.


Rote Faden will 'guide' the tourists towards the opera house, Aegidien church, town hall, several museums, the palace buildings, and marktplatz. These instructions are very friendly to visitors who are new to this city.


Fans can go to the city park two of the many alternatives park in Hannover. One of them is that you can enjoy free spacious garden complex Leibniz Universiteit hannover. We've come here a few times. Although I can not linger to enjoy the beauty of his garden. Or if you like to spend money, they can visit Herrenhauser Garten. Parks and complex former summer resident Hannover ancient nobility. There are three parks, overall rectangular shape and is a baroque style garden.


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