Sensation Romantic Travel To Paris, France

Sensation Romantic Travel to Paris, France. Less complete it if you have not visited the city of Paris while in Europe. Similarly, we feel. After four years of living in Germany family travelers the opportunity to visit the city of love. Though the two countries bordering directly.

The cheapest alternative for us as it was with a bus tour of Rainbowtour. Family travelers went there accompanied by a female friend, Efa. About 50 euro's at that cost per person. Stay two days in a bus. We had a full day in Paris. Very short. But because so eager to get there, we lakoni only.
Sensation Romantic Travel to Paris, France. You are interested and keen to visit Paris?

In the afternoon buses depart from Hamburg. Once a moving bus in Cologne. We were riding the bus quite comfortable, and equipped with a toilet in it. We also can order soft drinks as well as coffee and tea at a low price to the guide. During the trip, several times the bus stops at the resort. All night, we slept quite soundly in them.
Sensation Romantic Travel to Paris, so what are you waiting immediately set your agenda for a vacation in paris.

Thirty o'clock in the morning when we had arrived at Paris. Fog still blanketed the city. Several times Katja, the guide she describes some places and important buildings ever since we began to enter the city. We unloaded in Montmartre, the city near the Gare du Nord (train). Katja distribute Paris city map and show where we met when I got home at midnight. Have fun, he said.

Paris is the most visited metropolitan city in the world. Every year, the city has a population of about 10 million people, or a fifth of the French population is visited by over 30 million travelers dai annually. The city is very famous for its heritage, culture, and charming architecture. A day is the time that really is not enough to explore all the attractions of Paris. So we visit the most important in our opinion only.

We examined maps of the city together and mark certain places we wanted to go. Finally we decided to buy a daily ticket mobilis applicable to metro (subway) and buses in the city in a metro station a full day. One ticket for the zone in the city mobilis worth 5.40 euro.

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, our first object, is a Roman Catholic church, built in the 19th century. High-rise buildings on a hill was built as a healer soul of the French people who are grieving due to losing the war against the Russians. Byzantinis-style buildings mix-gothic-romanik Mauris is still shrouded in fog most of the time we tried to take a picture. We rode up to the church yard and enjoy the view of most of the city of Paris on the sidelines of the fog.

Our journey continues to the Moulin Rouge, a red district in France, not far from the Sacre Coeur. That morning, the area still looks deserted. Soon, we found the building with a red windmill, trade mark Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge cabaret known for its performances.

With a metro, we headed to a place called, Place de la Concorde. The view is very beautiful here. On one side of the Arch de Triomph visible in the distance. On the other hand there is the Jardin de Tuileries, a large garden is a garden-style Italian renaissance began to be made in 1564 on the orders of Katharina von Medici. We pass through some objects while photographing. Many people were sitting around the fountain and pond in the middle of the park while chatting, or just sit and read the paper. The trees are bare there in the winter.

Jardin de Tuileries is located between Place de la Concorde and the Musee de Louvre. After a while, we arrived at the Arc de Triomph du Carrousel, a gate with a smaller version of the Arc de Triomph, whose shape reminds me of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. The four large pillars in the front and side carved outside and inside the gates, making it look more majestic.

Just a few meters behind the glass pyramid towering appear, which is the entrance of the Musee du Louvre, one of the largest museums in the world, and also one of the settings in the book by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code. Lots of people milling around the entrance. There are just like us taking photos, or simply enjoy the beauty of the building from the outside. Most of the building was built around 1200, and rebuilt as a royal palace in the 16th century. Since 1793, the building was opened as a museum. In it saved a lot of paintings, sculptures, antiques and relics of monarchy in France. Collection of the most famous, of course, painting the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece. Too bad we did not have time to enjoy the beauty of the museum's collection due to time constraints.

Satisfied photo taken in front of the gates of the museum, Mother suggested that we rushed to Saint Michel, a central area with food to fill the stomach with a bus that had just completed a croissant and a cup of coffee this all morning. The hallways streets here are full of food stalls from around the world. There are food stalls China, Japan, Italy, Africa, Arabia, to western food stalls. Interestingly, at the front door by a friendly waitress will offer food and enamored visitors come to his restaurant. It seems they feel lonma win as many customers as possible. Unique way, that we have never met before in Germany. Each stall is equipped with chairs outside, a typical European. Almost all the seats arranged in such a way that it faces outwards. Visitors to the cafe or restaurant to sit side by side with each other. This area was quite crowded by noon. We chose a Chinese food shop, after being around. Although not too big, the diner is quite comfortable.

Notre Dame is on the Ile de la Cite, an island in the middle of the land like the River Seine. Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis is the center of Paris in the past. Two of the island is very crowded. Besides consists of many apartments, too complex stands on top of a historic building, the Palais de Justice, the palace chapel of Saint Chapelle and the Conciergerie, a medieval Saal. From the bridge connecting Saint Michel to Ile de la Cite, it appears some boots coming down the River Seine.

We returned to the Place de la Concorde to take a photo of two large fountains on both sides of the obelisk. Initially, from there we want the Champ Elysee down to Arch de Triomph. But the void, for it was already late in the afternoon, and the fog began to thicken again. We are concerned can not capture images properly Eifel. So we turn a trip to the Trocadero metro.

Trocadero is located in walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and is located at an altitude of. Both places are separated by the River Seine. Here also there is the Palais de Chaillot, two large museum complex with a theater. From the Palais, we enjoyed the beautiful part of the city. Beneath it stood a cafe and a fountain that extends in the direction of the Eifel built.

Trocadero recommended by a friend as the most strategic place to photograph the Eiffel. Should come there in the afternoon, so as not to challenge the direct sunlight, he said.

The Eiffel Tower is clearly visible from here. The photos we also managed to capture a tower made this well-known, if somewhat blurred due to thick fog in the day.

The cold air made we can not linger to enjoy the beauty Eiffel Trocadero. Back we use the metro to get to Avenue de Champs Elysees, one of the renowned hotels in the world. We rode the metro stop not far from the Arch de Triomph, a large gate which makes it a highlight of the Champs Elysees. Arch de Triomph, a national symbol of victory was built during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in the late 19th century.

Finally, after partially down the Champs Elysees, in and out of several stores and take pictures, we decided ngetem in sebauh fast food diner and watching Parisians and tourists passing by until midnight. A full day's journey had been draining us all. Fortunately, the diner was not until 12 o'clock at night. So we can enjoy the food while sipping a cup of warm capucino.

Around eleven-thirty, we were rushed to the front of the Petit Palais, a tour bus waiting for us. Oh, it's Petit Palais and the Grand Palais are two very magnificent palace buildings. Sorry it was like we could not get there.

There are many other attractions in Paris we visited yet. Versailles, Bastile, Rue de la Fayette, and many more. We wish there will be a next time.


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