Sensation Festive New Years in Germany

Sensation Festive New Years in Germany. Eve spent many years in this country, never once we merayakannnya specifically. In Germany there was a great fireworks in the cities. As major cities world. But in small towns, there is no such celebrations. Usually people gather at a certain place in the city, fireworks purchased individually together, gather, and impromptu partying.

In the town of Nuernberg, crowds gathered in the area around the castle (Burg). While in Bremerhaven, the area near the new port is the most crowded. But our family had never been in such places. Just heard the stories of those who never been there.

For those who do not want the crowds, there are still ways to enjoy the fireworks. In residential areas, many people set off fireworks, firecrackers and his friends. On the streets of front of house or in the field and garden. This is what we do every year. Seeing people partying fireworks without having to get out a lot of capital.

In Germany, the multi-faceted fireworks and firecrackers are only sold in just three days before the new year. Certain fireworks and firecrackers may only be purchased by those 18 years of age or older. Although parents often want to buy it for their underage children. Although short sales, turnover incredible. Last year alone could reach 900 million euros. Almost every shop selling farrago of firecrackers and fireworks. Starting for one to tens of euros. Depending on the strength and beauty of each.

Family travelers themselves only buy fireworks with minimal price. Better enjoy the free fireworks show someone else from the windows of the house or in the courtyard of our apartment building. In Duren, enjoyed from our apartment on the ninth floor was very fun. In the first hour of January 1, firecrackers and fireworks sound we heard from everywhere. And not just the pleasure derived from firecrackers and fireworks party everywhere. Thereafter, the owner of the house and the street cleaners will probably be a lot of grumbling from all the garbage from the remnants of the New Year party.


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