Seeing Beauty in Old Buildings Bacharach, Germany

Seeing Beauty Buildings-Old Buildings in Bacharach, germany.
 The Rhine basin famous for its beauty. Green hills, charming valleys, vineyards, idyllic villages, old towns are some of the tourist attractions in the area. One of the old city is a tourist puller Bacharach. It is located between Mainz and Koblenz.

Bacharach has been wanting us to visit. We are curious because a lot of people compare Bacharach with Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Some prefer Rothenburg. Or vice versa. When a friend invited along to it, we received the offer gladly.

Starting about seven o'clock in the morning, en route to Bacharach lasted for about 3.5 hours by train train Moving economy twice in Cologne and Koblenz. There are also trains from Cologne MRB directly to Bacharach.

The city's history began in the 11th century BC. Bacharach switch controlled by some landlords. One was Hermann von Stahleck, who formerly dwelt in Burg (castle) Stahleck on one of the hills in Bacharach.

Bacharach station is very quiet. Less than ten people down here. Rather mengangetkan for us. Our first time to Rothemburg in groups with hundreds more tourists on the train. Not only foreign tourists, the Germans had a lot comes down to it. After examining the train departure schedule to come back later, we were walking towards the city center.

Bacharach city center not far from the train station. If you exit the station, just turn right. Less than a hundred yards later, it will start to look old buildings from the middle ages. Which immediately caught the eye was the town hall (rathaus). The building was built in the 1900's with the green wood windows on the upper floors. Right in front of the window there are flowers colorful life.

Deeper into the city, more and more houses degan medieval wooden bones. The wood in the form of an assortment. It's artistic. More and more, the meeting also cafes and inns in the ancient buildings. Many vines planted in front of the ancient buildings.

Compared to Rothenburg, Bacharach look much more quiet. Though Saturday's weather was sunny and warm. Tourists eyed barely noticeable. While in Rothenburg is full of them. Especially the Japanese. To the extent that many signposts to use their language. We had turned once. memotrer Wernerkapelle, churches hundreds of years old, but not yet completed.

According to the family travelers, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is still more impressive. City parents more widely. Entering Rothenburg berbeda.Kesan century seemed to go on like this we did not catch when signing Bacharach. Bacharach old buildings looked well maintained and artistic. But the old buildings in Rothenburg we look more elegant.

Satisfied Satisfied around the city, we walked to the banks of the Rhine. Place ferries travel through. Some of us choose to continue the journey by ferry to the old town next, Sankt Goar.


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