Schengen Agreement in 1985, The Treaty of European Countries

Schengen Agreement in 1985, the Treaty of European Countries. Schengen Agreement is a treaty originally by five countries in Western Europe (Schengen countries), namely Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg to open the borders and abolish passport control and out of the country. Schengen itself is the name of a place in Luxemburg, where the treaty was signed in 1985.

Now, the Schengen countries, the number has grown to 28 countries, both member states of the European Union side or not (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland). And it seems, the development of this amount will continue in the future. Candidates who will follow are Liechtenstein (late 2009), Cyprus (2010), Bulgaria and Romania (2011).
This increase had a positive impact for those who like a trip to Europe. Practically, visa matters so much easier. What was once to several European countries should take care of some visa, now with just one visa, can be visited 28 countries. It saves time, effort, and money, is not it?

Family travelers already feel this amenity. And has traveled to several countries in Eastern Europe. But the incident seemed strange to us. It seems that socialization expansion Schengen countries have not touched all walks of life. Time will fly to Warsaw late 2008, both families had experienced little resistance at the airport. At check in, checking passports, the officer asked us wonder, "Do not you need a visa to go to Poland?"

"Why, kann Poland has entered Schengen, why do we still need a visa," we asked.
Mrs. officers called ahead to make sure we get to fly.
Check in right, similar incidents happen when we want to boarding. Again, the officer's mother took the time to call, made sure once again that we are able to fly to Poland without a visa.
However, for Mother, there are also disadvantages of this system. Collection stamp in his passport is not growing because of it. For no visa checks, no automatic passport stamps .... :)


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