Schedule Parade / Carnival of Cultures of Europe in Autumn

Schedule Parade / Carnival of Cultures of Europe in Autumn. To Europe in the fall, do not be confused to do anything. Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the destination city, the time remaining can be used to enjoy the blue treats culture on the continent. There was everything in the cities of Europe in the autumn of this year? Consider advice from Stern magazine from Germany:
Barcelona: 23. s / d 27. SeptemberBarcelona's biggest street parade with giant puppets, La Merce. At the end of the week-end of September will be many performances are held throughout the city.
Zürich: 25. s / d 27. SeptemberIn "Freestysport-Event" Europe's biggest, the Snowboarder, Freeskier, Pilot Skateboarder world's best FMX and their abilities. With a variety of tricks, jump and leap while berpustar, they will try to grab the prestigious title of "freestyle" and "crossover".
GöteborgAll-round shrimp on the west coast of Sweden. Starting 21 September there will be a safari shrimp. Visitors can hunt with a professional fishing lobster and fishing together.
BerlinIn the framework of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berliner Festspiele with Strassentheater Compagnie Royal de Luxe theater will host sensational in early October. Will present the dolls marionet 2 to 15 feet tall around Berlin and will berdongeng about a story of meeting again after a long separation.
RomeTries, move and feel: it is expected in the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - The Genius Inventor". Visitors can try to emulate to make umbrellas to the first waterfall, prototype helicopters and other machinery.
München"So, Sorry", an exhibition was not associated with the renowned Festival in October. Rather exhibition of China's most influential artists today, Ai Wei Wei at the Haus der Kunst or Art Building.
Hamburg: 1. October s / d 31. Januar 2010This Egyptian Pharaoh who died 3300 years ago. Tutanchamun now be revived. In an exhibition of the same title, there is not only the reconstruction of his original tomb, but also the vault with beams coffin, gold mask plush, statues of gods and chariots. About 120 workers their art more than 1000 replica.
Vienna: 3. OctoberLong night in museums are also in Austria. Unlike in Germany, ORF will be conducting a special exhibition on the first Saturday night in October. Participants geleri 650 museums and art throughout the country. One hundred of them located in Vienna. In addition to the exhibition there are many other special performances.
LeipzigDated October 20, 20 years ago, about 70 thousand people demonstrated in the Peace Revolution DDR Monday. With a sea of ​​candles, and audio video installations and light show, warnings will be held this year. Until the turn of the year, the city of Leipzig holding exhibitions, movies, concerts. IN some places themed art will be exhibited changes and two German unity.
Avignon: 10./11. OctoberAn epic will come back to life: 700 years ago Pope Clemens chose this city as a place to live. Followed by the eighth successor. This year commemorates Avignon by offering a la the Middle Ages, including fairs and shows 3-D.
Paris: 21. October s / d 23. NovemberCentre Pompidou hosted a new arts festival in the fall. The visitors can enjoy exhibitions, performances, the art of living a full five weeks. Carsten Holler, Andera Blum and Zlatan Vulkosavljevic entered the ranks of the artists in this show.
London: 27. OctoberSir Elton John on stage at Wembley Stadium on October 27. Besides him, there are also performing musicians of this city, to revitalize the city's newest exhibition "Beatles to Bowie" at the National Portrait Gallery.
Cork: 23. s / d 26. OctoberMore than thousand musicians from around the world will be present in the northwestern city of Ireland, to quench your thirst about 40 thousand fans in Jazz Festival-the largest in the country. Also attending from the United States saxofonist Pharoah Sanders and Brazilian trumpeter Roditi Caludio.


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