Satisfied Minding Visa 90 Days To Germany

Satisfied Minding Visa 90 Days To Germany. Every Indonesian citizen need a visa when going to visit Europe. Either briefly or long, it makes no difference. Can not use the Visa on Arrival (VoA). So should apply directly to the state to target.
The German government to grant a visa to either visit or traveled up as a business, a maximum of 90 days for each submission. Can be used one-way as well as in and out of the country concerned. Origin is still in a period of 90 days.

If you do not want to visit a long time in this country, do not need to apply for a visit visa 3 months. It could also be given a visa for a few days to a month. The requirement, of course, somewhat different from the 3-month visa. Visa-less than a month visit visa does not usually require an invitation from relatives or friends in Germany. For visa less than 2 weeks, usually do not need health insurance. Although this is the experience of friends, and have confirmed themselves to the German embassy.

As for the 3-month visit visa, we have invited the parents experience while here. The first requirement is an invitation. Usually made by family or friends who live in Germany. Provided that the Host has the ability to ensure the invitees.

The invitation was made in the Host city immigration office. In order to make such invitation, the Host must show a passport, a description of the place of residence (address, spacious apartment, etc.), list the last three months salary (for employees), or print out the amount of money in the bank belongs to us (minimum balance must be met) . All can make home an invitation to meet these requirements. Old-making invitations varies each city. If in Bremen before invitations can simply be, in Duren, where we live now, it took a week. The cost of making one invitation is 25 euro.

Invitations have been sent so not necessarily original to the invitees. We could scan, and sent via email or facsimile. Well, this invitation is one of the requirements to apply for a visa 3 months, in addition to other requirements.

Terms not less important is the insurance for the trip. Can be made by the Host or buy their own policy in this country. Typically the embassy has a list of insurance which could be used in the process of obtaining a visa. In July, our parents paid about 200 dollars for insurance, apply 3 months.

Both, invitations and insurance taken with passport size color photographs 4 × 6 background white or gray sheet and proof of purchase or booking tickets Indonesia - Germany pp. At the embassy, ​​applicants are required to fill out a form. To be faster, forms can be downloaded and filled in from home before.

Usually if all the requirements complete, the embassy did not complicate the process. The cost of 3-month tourist visa about 60 euro. Applies to all Schengen countries. After ten days, the visa is affixed in the passport. Herzlich Wilkommen in Deutschland!!!


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