Samsung Ativ Wait blessing Microsoft

Samsung Ativ Wait blessing Microsoft. Jakarta - Samsung will certainly enliven the gadget-based Windows 8. They were already preparing multiple product lines to be marketed. But still have to wait for approval from Microsoft.

One of them is Samsung Ativ. Items in the category of smart PC claimed it has a unique ability, which combines the functionality of a tablet with a portable computer or tablet often referred to as a hybrid.


"Samsung Ativ could create a new market, or take a 'cookie' laptop over USD 5 million and the tablet PC market," said Sung Khiun, IT Business Director PT Samsng Electronics Indonesia.


But unfortunately the potential users have little patience, because Samsung has not dared to set a release date in Indonesia.

"We are waiting for the release of Windows 8 from Microsoft first, it'll show on October 25. So at least it markets (Ativ-red) in early November," added Sung, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Wednesday (10/10/2012).


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