Right Tips And Accurate, Photographing Landscape

Right Tips And Accurate, Photographing Landscape
 Equipment and what things should be done to get a good landscape photo? Thank you.

(Nur Widayati, 29 years)


To shoot landscape, it is recommended to use the following equipment:

1. Tripod solid
2. cable Release
3. filter:

- Filter CPL for concentrating the sky.
- ND filter to reduce the exposure to be able to use a slow speed.
- Graduated ND filter to hold the exposure (usually the sky) if too strong.

Not only the equipment alone, while in the field you should do the following things:

1. Coming to a location at least an hour early to assess the situation to determine the spot where you will be photographing.
2. Holds approach with local communities to obtain information about the location of interest.
3. Keep your manners and do not leave a trace of food or beverages.

As for the composition of the photo:

a. Make sure the horizon line is not miting.
b. Consider the foreground so that the images look more dimensional.
c. When the sky is good, give portions approximately 2/3 parts, or vice versa if the land better.

So for shooting technique:

a. Consider a small aperture (typically between f/11 - f/22) to get sharp adequate space.
b. Use slow speed for photographing waterfalls or ocean waves so that the water is soft like cotton.
c. Try different White Balance to get a feel unique.


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