Reflections Smart: Capturing and Binding Ideas

Reflections Smart: Capturing and Binding Ideas
 Still struggling with the discussion about the ideas, here. In previous posts I've mentioned ways to get the idea. But the idea of ​​it like rays. Sometimes sudden unexpectedly. When walking the kids to school, the idea. When washing dishes, thought of writing about this. When going to bed, it occurred, why it is not used as a writing material only?

I myself as much as possible to capture and bind the idea. So as not to lose, so as not to loose. If possible I would immediately write down on a piece of paper closest I could find. I used to have a small notebook. A special idea book. Sometimes there is no lattice of the theme that I want to write. Now I tend to write in a particular idea of data in personal computers. I called the box ideas. If there is also my complete with grilles or outline. Make it easy to make a whole story.
Reflections Smart: Capturing and Binding Ideas

Out of the box this idea is not all become an article or manuscript so. Because then came other ideas into the development of the initial idea. Or even a completely new theme. Still no harm in my opinion seem to have a special idea box. The idea that we can no tie. And do not be afraid to lose the idea of ​​writing.


Additional groups of friends to tie lifted and ideas:

- Register them on mobile phones. Easy and almost always carry anywhere.

- Write it down in a facebook status. Can be found again in the timeline if forgotten.


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