Recognize Fraudulent Online Mode Most Popular Tips and Solutions

Recognize Fraudulent Online Mode Most Popular, Tips and Solutions
Internet users have often come across various modes of fraud committed an irresponsible person. Starting from spreading the virus, making fake website, or other traps also looks tempting.
But of the many types of fraud, Microsoft through the National Cyber
​​Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) concluded that there are 5 modes fraud is most often performed.

The report is based on a survey of Internet users in some countries. Did not say how many korenponden that followed, but Microsoft claims to have adequately represent the various threats that exist on the internet.

As written on the Microsoft website and quoted on Wednesday (08/17/2012), here are 5 modes fraud is most often done by cyber criminals.

Congratulations, You Win Lottery!, Internet users may be familiar with these scams mode, here the potential victims would dimingi appreciating the lure of money as a lottery prize. Yes, though never felt it followed the lottery, but a lot of the victims are deceived.

But instead of getting the money you want, it is usually the victim asked to fill in a special form of data themselves. But there is also an even carried around to the site is not clear.

Microsoft says that the research results of this type of fraud experienced 44% of their correspondent

Never received an email from someone claiming to be a prince or princess from certain countries? If so, it is almost certain that it is one of the most popular types of fraud.

Actors who claimed prince or princess was usually ask for help to the victim, usually a donation by sending a sum of money to the account specified.

Microsoft stated that the results of research scams of this type controlled 39% of the survey results.

Tired of being an employee and would like to have my own business? It can be used to prosecute fraudsters potential victims.

Here, potential victims will lured one way to make money from home, work offered is usually not difficult but can produce so banya money.

But watch out, do not just believe. Because 38% of correspondents Microsoft claims to have encountered this kind of fraud.

The five modes are mentioned it is the most popular type of fraud, but no doubt if out there are still many other types of fraud. Including through social networking is increasingly crowded.

The survey also states that only 12% of the correspondents who are already well protected, while the rest said they had stuck with these scams.


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