Rare Experience Return Ticket Online Deutsche Bahn

Rare Experience, Return Ticket Online Deutsche Bahn. Sunday we drove a friend who wanted to return the tickets that have been purchased online through websites German railway company, Deutsche Bahn (DB). Our family often buy tickets online as well. But have not had any experience returning. Never one time we return the tickets online from the bus company in the Baltic. The process is easy. Just sent a sms with a specific content to their service number. Money return we received not too long afterwards. So we do not know how to process. On the tickets that have been printed on paper, writing that the tickets can be returned with 15 euro reduction.

We all Reizezentrum (DB services offices) in the city of Cologne or Cologne. When we asked, it turns out we can not restore that way. But must fill out a special form and send it to Hamburg. Because the friend was living in Germany and other considerations, so the ticket was canceled.
Rare Experience, Return Ticket Online Deutsche Bahn.

Curious, Mother seeking more information on the return train tickets online this. Finally see well. Apparently not only be canceled by sending the form to Hamburg, but also can go directly to our account in the DB, and then cancel it online as well. Unfortunately, this option is not given by the clerk in the office Reisezentrum Koeln. Whether intentionally or he is also not sure. God only knows.


What is clear today so add to the experience of new knowledge for us. Maybe if you do not have to, we better buy tickets through automatic machines only.


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