Quite Easily Finding Halal Food in Europe

Quite Easily Finding Halal food in Europe. Not long ago, I read a friend's status on social networking, who said if his fears will not be able to get halal food in Bali. Reverberate comments several times, a statement friend, I find very interesting. His comment, "Cook not so see the world only because of fear of food?"

Bingo, right on target statement. For our family of poor across the world the streets of Europe, if you decide to travel, we are always thinking about food. Information regarding the presence of halal food is almost certainly we are looking through the internet, or get a friend. However, the matter of food never makes obstacles for walks. Moreover, to decide not to go.

If the information indicates that at the destination halal food hard to come by, so we've prepared some deterrent stance that the food problem is resolved. First is seeking information about alternative food. Fish or vegetarian menus. If discovered, lived confirm whether the food contains illicit materials such as alcohol, etc.. Another way is to buy food at the supermarket. European Supermarkets usually sell sandwiches, salad, as well as many types of food that are safe for consumption by Muslims. Fortunately we are not fussy about food. Originally met bread, tuna, salad vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk in the supermarket, then it is safe to eat-consuming matter.

If available at the kitchen, we usually choose cook. We take special camping cookware, so no need to use cookware with. If it is not heavy and the ride can be reached by private vehicle, we were intentionally brought rice cooker (rice cooker) itself. Most are safe but a bit heavy to bring their own food from home as a preparation streets. It's rare we do except for a short trip that takes a maximum of one day.

In Europe alone labeled halal food availability varies. In western Europe the percentage of Muslim pretty high, finding halal food in our opinion was not a big deal. Many restaurant or eating places are not reluctant to label halal display in their windows. In Paris, cooking asia, africa, europe halal widely available. In Brussels began thus. In the Netherlands, some restaurants from Africa, India, and Indonesia has halal label. In Germany, halal food is still dominated Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine.

In the Baltic states and Eastern Europe, halal food is more difficult to find. So we use an alternative, turn to seafood and vegetarian degustation menu. Appropriate experience, has never been a problem food is a major obstacle to family travelers. For us, the important thing is the streets, not eating-eating.


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