Questioning Should Meknes

Satisfied explore history at the old site of Volubilis, lunch and pilgrimage at the tomb of Moulay Idriss Moulay Idriss I Zerhoun, we end the day with a visit to the city of Meknes. Meknes is one of the four imperial cities in Morocco: Fes, Meknes, Rabat and Marrackech. Reigning monarch today also reigns in this city.

Meknes name comes from the name of the Berber tribes, Meknassa. Official standing since the construction of the fort by the Almoravid dynasty in 1063 AD. Had experienced a golden age in the late 13th century, this city in the 13th century retreat. As a result of the fight and Merinid Almohad dynasty, and the development of the city of Fes again. Until the 17th century, the city was back, until Moulay Ismail rebuilt in the 17th century. Moulay Ismail built the most magnificent palaces of material taken from the ancient Roman city, Volubilis.

Through Meknes before heading Volubilis, His mother noticed this city looks much more modern than Fes. Ville Nouvelle her look very wide. Luxury apartments standing European standards in many places. In the distance of the old town walls covered thick creamy.

Very soon we were in town. Because relatively new and 'only' is used when Moulay Ismail came to power, it's got a little more heritage than Fes. So said the younger siblings of students. Our intention that day was to visit the tomb of Moulay Ismail in the old town.

Crossing the outskirts of sturdy walls and into some of the old city gates, the driver parked the car not far from the tomb of Moulay Idriss. Next to a big place like the plaza is apparently a dungeon. It seems now been turned into a museum. A group of people in there when we arrived. At the top of the prison there are many protrusions like chimneys but short. It is a wind gap, so there is an exchange of air in there. We tried to peer over. Dark, deep enough for prison down, said the driver.

Tomb of Moulay Ismail constructed magnificent. Some of the young couple joked near the gate. Very quiet. through some doors, we arrived at the tomb building. In contrast to the tomb of Moulay Idriss I and II were built around the mosque, the tomb of Moulay Ismail just beautiful buildings without a mosque. We looked through a window. There is a sign not allowed to use the camera.

When we go in, the guard, sixties man says, may be photographed inside. That should not be is using a video camera. We walked into the room the magnificent carved, beautiful bermosaik. One white family being photographed with various poses. They will appear once the admiration this space.

The location of the tomb are in another room. No less beautiful with the previous room. A room with a graveyard in the middle. Round red carpeted. There are restrictions, ban on entry into the room of the tomb. We take pictures of the room door. There are four graves. I do not know, which is actually the tomb of Moulay Ismail. We did not ask to Mr. Guard.

After the pilgrimage, kai driving, passing or palace Makhzen current King of Morocco. There should not be photographed in this area. Some guards visible in some places. We had pictures taken while in an ancient Roman baths. Today was hot and tiring. But it is also pleasing and a lot of lessons. Alhamdulillah ... :)


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