Questioning About Inside Berlin, Germany

Questioning About Inside Berlin. When you hear about Berlin, maybe people will immediately think of the Brandenburger Tor, the Victory Column, Potsdamer Platz, the Berlin Wall, or the Charlottenburg Palace. Berlin is actually rather difficult to be defined as a city for the capital as many cities merged into one. As the largest city in Germany, covering the breadth of Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main rolled into one. Number penduudknya approximately three million inhabitants, too, is the highest in the country ynag. A big city with a lot of different districts, crowded center, suburbs,. A cosmopolitan city last bermasa terrible.

Berlin has 12 administrative districts, similar to small towns in a big city. Each district has its own uniqueness. Anyone have natural beauty, the other had the atmosphere of a metropolitan city, there are areas to save many historic sites. This is why Berlin is unique as a capital. Questioning About Inside Berlin, Germany.

There are three main districts in berlin, as a major magnet for tourists. In the district of Berlin Mitte there Brandenburger Tor, the most famous gate, the symbol of Berlin. Unter den Linden is a well-known boulevard, bringing visitors to the old bridge Schlossbruecke. Humboldt University, the Opera House, the Prince's Palace are some of the many attractions of the main tourist district. The large field Alexanderplatz with the buildings of the former East Berlin, is dominated by the 365 meter high television tower. There is also the central Friedrichstrasse shopping, Nikolaiviertel, and Gendarmenmarkt and Potsdamerplatz.

some thaun last Kreuzberg district to district, but did not reduce the impression of a modern bohemian. Kreuzberg has a multicultural life, and is the most populous district. It is located near the center of Berlin, became one nest restaurants, clubs and bars in the capital.

In the 19th century, Prenzlauer Berg is a traditional district workers, with five-storey buildings dominate it. This area suffered a setback while in the East German regime, the focus of the opposition movement. Many of the protest movement and the peace held at churches this district in 1989. In recent years, after both Berlin and Germany united, Prenzlauer Berg took over the function of Kreuzberg as a regional alternative culture. Schoenhauser Alle is the main shopping street, and a place ngeceng and mejeng citizens.

Visitors Berlin will be hard to decide to choose a few of the myriad tourist attractions of this city. Reichstag building, Brandenburg Gate, the rest of the Berlin Wall, Museuminsel (Museum Island), Charlottenburg Palace and the Potsdamer Platz was the main attraction.

Reichstagsgebäude is gerdung parliament of this country. Dom really famous glass. many people ride ketas building to enjoy panoramic view of Berlin.

In October 1961, U.S. tanks and the Soviet Union faced each other at Checkpoint Charlie, a popular spot to march or run away when both Germany still split. Atmosphere of the cold war is still felt here. The place is now one of the favorite tourist object image.

Brandenburger Tor, the most illustrious gate in berlin, built bermodelkan Propylaea, the gateway to the Acropolis.

Architecture futuristic Potsdamer Platz starkly contrasts with the historic buildings in Berlin Mitte. The mix of restaurants, shops, cinemas, theaters make this place a destination Berlin's main shopping and clubbing.


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