Product Withdrawal Sony, Sony Xperia S Tablet Product Failure?

Product Withdrawal Sony, Sony Xperia S Tablet Product failure?Sony has stopped selling and will withdraw from the market the new tablet device, the Xperia S, a month after it was launched.

Sony decided to do so after the Japanese company found a problem in these devices.


Quoted from Reuters, Sony discovered a problem with the Xperia S tablet capabilities in its resistance to water.


By Sony Xperia S tablet, a tablet device that is claimed to be waterproof. However, it turns out there is a slight gap between the screen and the casing so that the Xperia S is very susceptible to damage caused by water.


According to Noriko Shoji, a spokesman for Sony, the problems found on tablet devices Xperia S is due to defects in the assembly plant located in China Sony.


Until now, Sony has not yet determined when the device can attend again in the market.


Sony Xperia S first time exhibiting at the event Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), Berlin, Germany. The device is equipped with quad-core Tegra 3 processor speed of 1.3 GHz, 1GB RAM, 9.4-inch screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel IPS technology, and battery capacity 6.000mAh.


Sony began selling the Xperia S in the U.S. on 7th September, followed by Japan, Europe, and other countries.


To date, Sony has shipped about 100,000 units of the Xperia S.


According to Sony, they will immediately fix the problems found on the Xperia S which has been sold. This product recall costs will not have a significant impact on corporate earnings.



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