Pretty Comfortable Train Trips Up Economy in Germany

Pretty Comfortable  .One thing that stands out from this country we think is a means of transportation. Highways and roads are built to support the countryside. Similarly railway network. Penetrated almost all the cities and villages, country of eighty million-an is. If there is no station, there's a bus that was passing in a remote village.

Take the train, from economy to executive class, the most expensive, as passengers are spoiled by the comfort, security, and timeliness. It is sometimes a delay trains. But the presentation is still very low compared to its accuracy.  Pretty Comfortable Train Trips Up Economy in Germany.

The Germans and other people using the train not only as a means of travel. But also to get to work or study. Usually only at certain hours of the train packed with passengers. In the morning, afternoon and evening, when the workers and school children leave and go home. Or when there is a football match Bundesliga and certain events such as carnivals da concert. The rest, the lowest grade of any railroad transportation is convenient, fast, cheap too.

Economic train German-owned railway company usually consists of two kinds, namely Regional Ekspress (RE) and Regional Bahn (RB). Regional Bahn is lower in rank than the RE. This type of stop at every small station. So the longer travel time than RE. Gates used were usually carriages. But still well-kept, clean, although the engine is a bit noisy. Regional Ekspress train did not stop in front of the station, with the newer models of cars. Our favorite model is the train two levels, with a special car for people with special needs and a place large enough to accommodate the child's stroller. Some rail transport service providers also provide transportation-cost private economy, with carriages more luxurious and comfortable design. Ease, both government-owned economic train or private, always equipped with a toilet in almost every carriage. The passengers are expected to use it well, and keep clean.

Because of cleanliness, safety, comfort, and relative timeliness, economy train this country is very fit for use as a tourist transport. Coverage to almost all corners of the country can not be ignored. Family travelers become passengers of their subscription. Moreover, supported by cheap tickets. Our family makes more excited utilize their services.

One drawback of the economic train if used for long trips, many passengers had to change trains. For a trip to Berlin Bremerhaven taken seven hours-an example, passengers have to change trains at least three times. The upside, we still had time to stop in certain cities to take pictures just fun. But the trip up and down is usually treated by beautiful scenery during the ride. In contrast to the high-speed rail tracks are usually a lot through the tunnels, railway tracks economy is much more beautiful. Rolling hills, vineyards, mountain rocks, old cities, rivers, unique bridges, and much more. If traveling alone and had no friends to chat, this scene could be entertainers heart. Origin did not drive at night only. Traveling in a group is definitely more fun. The long walk up and down the train actually feels exciting.


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