Preoccupation With Dedicated Round Airlines Egypt Air

Preoccupation With Dedicated Round Airlines Egypt Air. Having failed last year, this year we set forth to the family homeland. Cost to be prepared not small. Since the beginning of the year we have not been able to decide whether it can immediately buy a plane ticket to Asia or not. His mother almost every day researching ticket prices from different ticket seller websites.

Months later, the choice fell on Egypt Air. Cheapest among other airlines. We flew to Kuala Lumpur. Should fro while in Indonesia.
Preoccupation With Dedicated Round Airlines Egypt Air, You excited to try?

Rarely do people who have never felt the plane of the airline. More are riding Emirates or Qatar. We did not have enough information about it. A friend even said that their aircraft less good condition.

Family travelers remain optimistic. If it's true condition of the aircraft is not good, we can go on the info it to others.

At the international airport Frankfurt am Main, we know that Egypt Air in the list of Star Alliance. Working closely with Lufthansa flying to Cairo. We become more confident if everything was better than expected. From Cairo they work together with Malaysia Airlines and Thai Airways to fly to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Aircraft flight Frankfurt - Cairo is not much different from the medium-range planes other. Monitor not in any bench. Only a few small television in each row of seats. Stewardess working in economy class are all men. When offered food at sigapnya circuitry female flight attendants. But when offering goods duty free look reluctant.

Long flights Cairo - Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur we went through in the big Airbus 300 passenger capacity. The seats more spacious than Qatar Airways. Once again all male flight attendant in the economy class. Two women seen served in business class. The food is plentiful and delicious. Bread-the bread we had brought for lunch. During the flight Frankfurt-Kuala Lumpur we get four meals.

In general, we are satisfied with the Egypt Air. Aircraft Ok, great service, the food delicious.


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