Praise The Halal Travel Boom in Europe and Asia

Praise The Halal Travel Boom in Europe and Asia. 

 After banking kosher and halal food rampant throughout the world, is now the term kosher travel kosher alias traveling. Makin skyrocketing percentage of Muslims in the world and the increasing number of wealthy Muslims caused the need for halal products is also increasing. Halal products including halal tour. With the growing economy, the more often Muslims are traveling. Good for business, family, health, as well as the usual tourist streets. Not only to countries with myoritas Muslim population, but also to the other hemisphere.

Of course we are very happy with this new development. We imagine it would be easier for us to get information about the mosques and halal food when traveling. However, shadow, now have become a reality. Because kosher tour now rampant in the tour package offered was halal certified hotel. With the more expensive of course. Because they provide such facility clues about the direction of Qibla, a restaurant with halal food, Al Quran and prayer book in the special prayer room to room in the hotel. And now, this type of travel is still dominated by countries with a significant Muslim population. Such as Malaysia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. Although there are several hotels in Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and even Canada and Belgium.
Praise The Halal Travel Boom in Europe and Asia.

So the conclusion, for family travelers, such as those offered legal advice specific hotel, still discourse. It costs unreached our pockets. We are happy if you can get information about the halal food vendors as well as the presence of a mosque in the city of destination. And this kind of information can already be obtained more easily through the internet. And according to our observations, many European cities have started to adjust to the rising Muslim population as well as tourists from Muslim countries.

In Germany, kosher food shop not too hard to find. Especially in the food stalls Turkey or the Middle East. Said a friend, a mosque is built near the city's main station München (Munich). When to Brüssle, we were shocked to see rows and bakery stalls labeled halal. Similarly, in Antwerp. Some places do not eat halal awkward installing posts. Mosques began to be established in the cities where the population is minority. Everything should be grateful, right. Alhamdulillah .... :)


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