Poaching Wild Flowers Narcissus in the Eiffel Mountains

Poaching Wild Flowers Narcissus in the Eiffel Mountains.Living near the Eifel Mountains National Park opened the opportunity for us to reproduce nature. Besides being easily accessible, cost is cheap. In the early spring, and a few close friends we are very excited to menjelalah portion of the Eifel. His mother borrowed two books about mountain climbing. In the book there are several climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty. From the easiest to the hardest. The length of the route can be selected according to the desire and ability.

After some discussion, we decided to conduct exploration to witness the beauty of the relationship Narzissus in living wild in some areas there. We chose the route near the town of Monschau exploration, the northern Eifel region near the border with Belgium.
Poaching Wild Flowers Narcissus in the Eiffel Mountains.

We started running almost 12 pm. The day was sunny, a little breezy. We entered the forest with trees typical of Europe. His name we do not know for sure. All we know just spruce. hehehe. Embak was most excited by this time climbing and exploration. He does love to be in the wild. Hiking, into the forest, the water main in the spring, hear the birds really liked. He excitedly explained some things to us. As the names of plants and animals.

The more into the forest, the more varied the route. We go up and down the forest road, through some muddy places, along a small stream before it gets to a place that he says a lot overgrown with wild flowers Narzissus. Only one wild flowers our clay. Another is an empty grass field in the middle of the forest. An old man raised his disappointment to us. At the same time the previous year, the field is filled with wildly Narzissen. Perhaps because of the hot weather this past week. So they also bloom earlier, he said. He showed one spot on the map cruising hers. Maybe in this area still exists. For more shady area, he said.

Our group chose a short break while eating lunch on the banks of a small river clear. Children are more interested in playing than eating by the river. We ate lunch brought together. Rumpunya thick and soft. Meanwhile at the front, a little way across the river is a dense evergreen forest. Comfortable and convenient to eat in the wild and beautiful as this.

Actually after the meal, our eyes were heavy. However, we had to take a third of the planned 14 kilomater of our route that day. Hence, although the eyes and stomach weight, we force the run again until half way.

Half the last route we passed through relatively quickly. Agency tired, so we wanted to get it up in the parking lot, our final destination end. Shady forest routes we enjoy while walking. towards the end, in a grass field, we see the two Narzissus wild flowers. Apparently we did late hunt these wild flowers in late April. Although the mission was successful, both families are delighted to jointly friend menjelalah forest, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Fourteen kilometer route that is not easy to also be an exercise for us all.


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