Phenomenal Super Luxury Sedan Car KIA Cerato made ​​Taxis

Phenomenal Super Luxury Sedan Car KIA Cerato made ​​Taxis


Cerato Taxi

Jakarta - The competition among brands to supply taxi cars more stringent. Today the car manufacturer KIA announced their sedan, Kia Cerato apparently prepared to taxi.


The car which was launched by PT KIA Mobil Indonesia is not really the first car made ​​KIA taxi, because there already are a Rio taxi.


However, a great opportunity to make KIA made ​​back in penetrating this segment by introducing Cerato Taxi.


The car was introduced as an exclusive taxi because it has a fancy design. The dimensions are also larger than the cab in general. That way, the cabin also Cerato Taxi is said to be more spacious.


His heart contains an ear of a powerful 1600 cc engine to 125 PS at 6,300 rpm with torque propeller 15.9 kgm at 4200 rpm which is channeled through a 6-speed transmission.


For the price, this car is a Kia off the base price of only 140 million alone.


"Hopefully, this car could be an option for the cab company and enjoyed their customers," businesslike Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto Sukmono in Jakarta, Thursday (09/08/2012).


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