Peel Completed X401U Asus, Notebook Super Cheap

Peel Completed X401U Asus, Notebook Super Cheap

During this time if you want to get a laptop with a Rp. 3 million budget is usually a netbook can. But now the desire to get a notebook with a netbook price as can be found, one of them is Asus X401U.

Hope to get a price notebook netbook Asus could be realized thanks to the collaboration with AMD.

There is priced way. Similarly, the phrase is usually often heard. Tapikah whether this applies to Asus X401U having cheap because the quality is priced cheaper? DetikINET fortunate given the opportunity to try out this notebook. Here's his review.

The first impression when Asus X401U is normal. No touch wah and interesting, although not so bad. Wrapped in glossy black plastic material makes this notebook look dirty easily, thus often leading to trace hands on its body.

This notebook is a minimalist, although providing the ports needed by the user, but not many. A USB port is provided one unit on the left and right side, very unfortunate indeed given the space to play DVDs or other disck also eliminated, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the USB ports when it needs a lot at one time.

In addition to the USB port, there is also an internet connection, card reader, VGA-out and HDMI port. Everything is scattered around the right side and the left side of this notebook.

Keyboard & Screen
Turning to feature for typing. The keyboard is quite comfortable with the space available is quite extensive. But the minus is, the keyboard feels rough. That is, several times detikINET menjajalnya to type, push each letter is not soft and smooth. So there is typo in typing because the letter keys are stuck or not pressed perfectly.

Touchpad is available is passable, although the touchpad sometimes does not react with straightforward. As a result, rather annoying when using a laptop work without the help of mouse.

Problem screen, Asus X401U is equipped with a size 14 Inch HD (1366 x 768). Quite happy to do some work and multimedia functions.

Moreover, with the support of Radeon HD 6290 graphics capable of playing movies 1080p HD quality heavyweight. When tested, it is very satisfying because it can play without interruption.

Although not the best, APU processors from AMD-powered dual-core C-60 1GHz 2GB DDR3 RAM plus enough support in a variety of work standards. It includes a 320 GB HDD.

Meanwhile, about the position of the boot and shut down pretty quickly too. Moreover, Asus has the features 'Instant On' which turned on the laptop is only two seconds from sleep position.

Cool adalahIce excellent feature, which allows the laptop is not fast heat so comfortable when laptop lap. This is because heat dissipation is on the left side of the laptop. But it does not cause noise.

Battery endurance is not too bad. After detikINET batarai in a state of full charge, and made to work as well as surfing with WiFi, battery resistance could only last about 3 hours. That is, always prepare this laptop charger in your bag.

With a hefty price affordable, Asus X410U performance was not that impressive for a laptop class. But if you imagine a netbook with a big screen capability, the portable computer is more than enough.

Most Popular: Asus X401U priced cheap One USB port space to play disck DVD or USB port at one time internet connection, card reader, VGA-out and port HDMI.Keyboard & Screen button touchpad screen, Asus X401U14 Inch HD (1366 x 768) Radeon graphics HD 6290 movie heavyweight HD 1080p quality, performance processors from AMD APU-powered dual-core C-60 1GHz 2GB DDR3 RAM plus including HDD 320 GB, Cool adalahIce excellent feature, the position was booting and shut down pretty quick conclusion netbook with a screen capabilities large, then the portable computer is more than enough.

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