Panorama Nature Valley Beautiful Luxembourg City

Panorama Nature Valley Beautiful Luxembourg City. People do not know the city or Luxembourg as a tourist destination in Europe. People often associate it with a bank or a steel company.
So many were surprised when we tell the friends that we want to walk into the city of Luxembourg. "Luxemburg? What's up there? "So most of our friends comment.
However, the roads to get there anyway we lakoni. After all, the purpose is to get to know both families in other countries. The people, the atmosphere is different from the country where we live now.
As always, we are looking for alternatives to get there as cheaply as possible. Because according to the information of a friend, the capital of the country, including small size, it is one day enough for a walk around. No need to stay. Moreover, everything is expensive there.

We stayed at a friend's house in Cologne or Cologne, a new move on the weekend ticket to the border. Connected with a train ticket to the capital city of Luxembourg. We just know there is a cheaper alternative when it comes to ticket Luxemburg. Ie by buying train tickets are valid throughout this small country. This knowledge makes me regret having bought tickets more expensive than Germany.
At six in the morning we had been heading to Cologne main station. Morning, because I wanted to stop by the old city of Trier. The train journey between Cologne toward Luxembourg city with the economy train is four hours of full color. The train seemed to move along the Rhine. Not at all boring. Twice we changed trains in the city of Koblenz and Trier.
The most spectacular route is Bonn - Koblenz. Train ride we rolled on the side of the Rhine. Precisely in the area called Eifel. It's not the name of the famous tower in Paris. But a charming hilly areas in the western part of Germany. Its position adjacent to neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

Just a train ride through this route it's been like a recreation without the need to visit in person. Trains snaking along the side of the river and the hills. Through wineries, aka Loreley rock near Sankt Goarshausen sloping famous for the legend of a beautiful woman named Loreley, a camp on the edge of the river, a large equestrian statue in the river, the castles on top of hills and villages and the old town complete with buildings -ancient buildings in it.
According to a guidebook, this area is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Germany. There, people can take a vacation while doing various activities such as cycling, traveling on foot up and down hills while enjoying the beauty of ancient castles, camping on the banks of the river, and enjoy the natural beauty of former volcanic region in the form of lakes and rocks forming the hills, there are many more .
From Koblenz towards Trier, we had to go through the banks of the Mosel. But from here, the landscape is not sespektakuler before.

There is no visa checks as we entered the Luxembourg border. Just the ticket inspection by the conductor. Route Trier - Luxembourg city rather boring. We do more through extensive agricultural areas and villages supermini that can be calculated by the number of his fingers. Rarely do we pass the town or larger village.
Time has almost shows the number eleven when we entered the center of the capital Luxemburg station named exactly the name of the country. At the station the city can stasun like small towns in Germany. It never looks magnificent and modern. Even the lift was not available here.
The four of us paused in the hall of the station. Looking for information on ticket vehicles in the city of Luxembourg. Finally we decided to buy a daily ticket for less than 5 euros per person.

Luxembourg is a small country in the European Union with a population of nearly half a million inhabitants. The percentage of foreigners in the country is a mini European record, 37 percent. Composed of ethnic French, German, Belgian, Portuguese, etc.. In the capital, the number of foreign residents and even reached 50 percent.
Until 1890, Luxemburg shaped like a district under the kingdom of the Netherlands. And since 1890 has its own dynasty of Nassau-Weilburg dynasty, when the duke Adolf took power and ruled until now.
Not an easy problem to learn the bus lines and shuttles in the capital city of Luxembourg. Approximately twenty minutes long we stood in front of the station stops, trying to understand the departure schedule and bus routes to the city center. I became impatient, much ranting incoherently, due to all the information on the board kekuranginformatifan stop.

Finally after bulging a bit old, and compares with a little map in the guidebook loan from the city library, we got a little enlightenment. At least we know how to drive common to the heart of the city.
We rode the bus. Passing the stately old buildings world-scale steel enterprise centers, commercial areas, etc.. Luxembourg city look more clean and organized than most cities in Germany.
The magnificence of the capital of Luxemburg recorded due to its location on a rocky plateau above the Alzette river valleys and Petrusse. Valleys surrounding the town is like ynag situated on a hill. Capital with a population of just 80 thousand in the last few decades has shifted the role of being one of the world's financial center and the center of the European institutions, without losing its uniqueness.

One that makes it special is the construction of more than 100 bridges over the valley. Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, 85 meters above the Alzette, has a length of 230 meters, is the epitome of Luxemburg and become one of the pride of Europe. This bridge lies between the old town and the Kirchberg, a new modern city with broad boulevards, which in 1966 became the center seak European institutions. As the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, the Supreme Court of the European Union, etc..
We got to the city center after a stray while riding a city bus. Again, information on the bus is less clear to us. There was no notice of any termination stop through loudspeakers as most public transport in Germany. We hiked back to the shopping district. The shops in the capital city of Luxemburg stands majestically. Being in a typical ancient buildings of Europe. Everything looks clean and well maintained. Not many visitors on Saturday. Pedestrians in downtown dress very neat and elegant looks. Reflecting their welfare above the average of other European citizens.

About an hour touring the city, we arrived at a home center food. Start pizzeria, restaurant expensive, the typical American diet, China, to fast food stalls there. Dining chairs strewn outside the restaurant. Being there is also a flea market in the middle. I took myself into the tourist information center near the journey there and eat before looking around the flea market atmosphere. Meanwhile, our female friends choose to eat at McDonald's.
Satisfied enjoy the flea market we went down into the pretty valley after being photographed ria background there famous bridge, Pont Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. Small rivers, hills, flowers, park benches, natural stones make this trip unforgettable. Shady trees. With the colors of the leaves and colorful flowers. Our camera work is almost endless. Capture the beauty of the valley. The weather the day and even then very supportive. Not too hot or cold. A fort was built on the ruins of a stone hill. Soon we were down the valley. Seeing a city bus, we had to climb to get back to the city center. And soon returned to Germany.


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