One More Airline Flights Germany, Tuifly

One More Airline Flights Germany, Tuifly. This time we want to review about one of the German low-cost airline, Tuifly. Three times we utilize their services, and thank God everything is satisfactory.

Tuifly is a combination of two companies Hapag-Lloyd Flug and Hapag-Lloyd Express belongs to large tourism company TUI Travel PLC. Its center in the city of Hannover, Germany. With the Boeing-made aircraft. Tuifly flies to dozens of countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. For routes or certain times these companies offer cheap tickets.
One More Airline Flights Germany, Tuifly.

The first flight was the airline we used when visiting countries Italy in early 2007. At that time he was still under the banner of Hapag-Lloyd. To route Hannover - Venezia, we get tickets for almost 120 euros pp for three people.

Both are going on holiday to Greece. This time is the route Düsseldorf - Thessaloniki. At the moment our friend had to pay 150 euros per person for the route Düsseldorf - Athens, we just got no more than 200 euros for three people. Go home.

Last is a visit to Spain. The route is Cologne - Valencia. It costs about 160 euros triple, pp. Very cheap. For other routes toward Africa such as Egypt, Tunisia, or Morocco and Turkey towards our target, unfortunately till now we have never found the price cheaper.

For the purpose of Germany - Italy is TUifly many selling cheap tickets. Most often there are deals to Venice, Pisa, Milan, Rome, Palermo and Sardinia. To Spain, there are usually offers over Barcelona or Valencia. Thessaloniki, Greece too often we come across cheap ticket prices. Also to Austria. deals website start at noon Tuesday to Sunday. At certain moments like birthday celebration or end of the year, there are sometimes very tempting offer. We have seen ticket prices Hannover - Stockholm only 7 euros each way, or 14 euro alone pp. Already include taxes and other fees.

Unlike Ryanair and Germanwings, Tuifly not charge baggage, suitcase congenital origin no more than 20 kilos of weight. This is an advantage for luggage carrier. Service on board was ok. Although they do not provide food for a shorter route, but the clerk was very friendly. Three planes flew pp always leave on time.

If you want to fly cheap from Germany to countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, and Austria, please check the airline's website. Combining cheap tickets premises satisfactory service would be better,


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