Number of People Grow Rich, The Cool Luxury Super Car

Number of People Grow Rich, The Cool Luxury Super Car
Jakarta - Indonesia's super luxury car sales this year expected to increase by 20-30 percent compared to last year. The increasing number of rich people in Indonesia, making Indonesia a potential market for the car. European car manufacturers also boost sales in the country.

"The Indonesian market is a market section for manufacturers (especially European) premium cars," said Vice President of Sales and Marketing PT Eurokars Artha W. Main Yudhi Widodo, Agent Brand Holder car brand Porsche and Rolls Royce in the Second Indonesia, yesterday.

The same is conveyed Endy Kusumo Chief Operation Officer of PT Artha Auto Lamborghini brand holders and Irvino Edwardly, Chief Executive Officer of PT Tiara Light Automotive, Maserati brand holders.

"Demand for premium supercar Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which we market, exceeded the target," says Endy.

Previously, the car was launched in February, is targeted only sold 8 units. However, it turns out, until August, the number of car reservations about USD 10.32 billion has already reached 12 units.

Moncernya super luxury car market in Indonesia that is what sparked interest in PT Tiara Light Automotive to bring the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale to Indonesia in early June.

Cars berbanderol about USD 3.75 billion, is targeted to sell 20-30 units by the end of this year.

PT Artha Utama market Eurokars two super luxury cars from Germany and England are Porsche and Rolls Royce noted, until last August, Porsche sales reached 100 units.
But at this time of slowing sales to fall 50 percent.

Most sales, which is 40 percent, donated Porsche Cayenne. The second most models, the Porsche Boxster is a berbanderol $ 2 billion more. The Rolls Royce sales in Indonesia, claimed best in Asean after Singapore. In fact, earlier, Al Serudin, Corporate Communications Manager Asia Pacific Rolls Royce Motor Cars said, sales of Rolls Royce Indonesia currently entered the top five in the Asia Pacific region, after China, North America, Britain, and Japan.

Market attractiveness Indonesia also recognized President Citra Lasting Automotive, Ferrari brand holders in Indonesia, Irmawan Poedjoadi. Evidently, Indonesia became one of the fastest Ferrari launch, ie F12berlinetta, in the Asia Pacific region last weekend.

"The Indonesian market is attractive in Asia Pacific," he said.

Observers cite Sargo Suhari automotive luxury car market recorded in joint Indonesian Automotive Industries until last year only about 1 percent of total sales, or just 8940 units.

"But the super luxury not recorded, because it is beyond Gaikindo industry, but its market share more than half of a luxury," he said.


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