Nuance Down the Subway Tunnel Maastricht

Nuance Down the Subway Tunnel Maastricht. Again to Maastricht, we were just circling the city center alone. Otherwise the streets ya there to shop at a store oriental sizable and complete. And besides has several historic buildings, parks, museums, Maastricht has historic underground tunnel.

This information will we get when we invite a family friend. While it was not finished there, the information is kept by us and we intend to visit one time.
Nuance Down the Subway Tunnel Maastricht.

Alhamdulillah when Embak summer holidays, we have time to go to Maastricht again. That day, towards the end of August, the day pretty bright. The air temperature is very convenient for sightseeing.

We purposely left early in the morning from home in Duren. Because the original plan, we would like to also stop by the mosque of Maastricht. Duren train travel - bus connected Aachen Aachen - Maastricht smoothly. Up in front of the bus station, the bus also came to the location of the tunnel and a fort named Sint Pieter. Its location on the outskirts of the city of Maastricht. Never ride the bus in this town before, it's nice we can be tough city more atmosphere.

Due to unclear information on this site Maastricht city bus dropped us wrong. Not a real one. But we got a little away from the goal. We even walked into the wrong direction. There is a building near where we thought the castle Sint Pieter. Apparently Fort Sint Pieter far. We had to walk about a mile more.

Near the fort, uphill road. Fortunately, not too high. There are steps again to see the castle from above. We leave the stroller down the stairs sister. Then go up and sit on the grass at the top of the castle. We are weak, starving. Time to open the bag, picnic.

Sint Pieter fort itself is being renovated. There is also a tour to get there. The situation is not very well maintained by us. Even the look is not too old compared to the other castles we've visited in Europe.

Stomach filled and satisfied photographing, we rushed to the door, Grotten Sint Pietersberg. There is a restaurant near the tunnel entrance ticket window. Unfortunately, the counter is not open yet. The first tour is underway at 11 noon. The next tour was at half past one. At that time, a new clock showed half past twelve. We waited on the bench beasar. The kids chose to play giant chess in front restaurants.

Exactly twelve-thirty, two men, one about 20 years, one more above the fifties, comes with two pairs of light torches. It's time to move towards the tunnel. They took us through the cobbled streets on the edge of the hill, about a hundred yards from the restaurant.

Tunnel gate protrudes down, as if into the belly of the hill. Both guides asked us to wear jackets each. The temperature in the tunnel ranges from 9 -10 ° C. This information we have got before the Internet. So we were already preparing to bring a light jacket from home. Both guides speak Dutch. We just followed the others who were putting up their jackets.

When entered, the group is divided into two parts. One with the old guide. We joined a tour group of young people. Maastricht's underground tunnel panangnya berkilo meters. But with about an hour, just past a little of them.

We go through a wooden gate, in the first few hundred meters, the tunnel ceiling is very low. Seingga we have to walk with my head down. The longer the higher ceilings. Two meter at some point even the ceiling could reach more than 6 feet. Mother walking and touching some of the surface tunnel. The walls and ceiling were to be made of compacted silt. Likewise floor. Some formed into giant bricks.

At one point, the guide stops. In English, he introduced his name. Marek. But then he only spoke Dutch. We caught a little mean. When others laughed, we were stunned. Or when the group stopped to listen to the explanation, we borrow ourselves photographing the contents of the tunnel.

According to information on the Internet, the formation of the tunnel maze with over 20 thousand channels are formed as a result of mining marl (calcium carbonate) a kind of limestone. Some artists left his mark in here. we could see various kinds of paintings on the walls of the tunnel.

This tunnel was not only serve as a place of mining, but also as a place persembunyaian during the war, including World War II. Various facilities for those who still have the scars to hide here. As the rooms that serve as a bed, also a large furnace for cooking. Since 1974, St. Pietersberg a cultural and natural heritage are protected existence.

At one point, Marek took us for a little experiment. He will shut down the two torches carried. We all will be docked to the right side of the cave, hands against the wall of the cave. Then we would walk groping without light. Dark. A few giggles. We must be careful not to hit the person in front. Make Dad more difficult again. Because he also brought a stroller sister. Own sister luckily did not cry in the dark. Luckily it only lasted no more than five minutes.

After about an hour are in a maze, we headed back to our place gerabng entry. Not to forget we give a little for the guide, though most of us do not understand the statement. But being in a maze has been given a new sensation.


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