Not Official, Romney Beat Obama in the U.S. Presidential Candidates Debate

Not Official, Romney Beat Obama in the U.S. presidential candidates debate

Denver, United States presidential candidate debate (AS) between the Democratic candidates President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney has held on Wednesday (3/10) local time. The survey results showed that more aggressive Romney won the debate with a value of 67 percent, far ahead of Obama.

In the first round of the debate held at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, Romney looked impressive, under-estimated by many parties. Both candidates face on one stage for the first time after months of campaigning around the U.S. respectively.

As reported by Asia One, Friday (10/05/2012), the results of a survey conducted by CNN / ORC International showed 67 percent correspondent mentions that Romney won the presidential debate. While Obama won only 25 percent of the vote. The survey was conducted by sampling of 430 people across the United States as the representative of the presidential debate audience.

In the debate yesterday, Romney and Obama argue about tax issues, health care and the role of government to the people. As a challenger, Romney openly attacked the policies of the Obama administration.

Romney focuses on U.S. economic growth figures were very weak and unemployment rising to 8.1 percent. This of course makes Obama's position threatened to back the U.S. lead later in the second period. According to Romney, the government too much power to lead to cessation of job creation in the U.S..

"What we are witnessing now, in my view, an approach that permeated government, the government thought capable of creating good jobs. But it did not work. Proof that there are 23 million people just lost their jobs," said Romney.

In a debate that lasted for 90 minutes, Romney assessed appears more mature than Obama. As for Obama himself, was able to criticize the plan Romney tax policies, but unfortunately he missed several opportunities to hit back at Romney. Obama just gave a defensive statement, saying the U.S. economy actually was rescued from the brink under his leadership. Obama also emphasized that his government managed to create 5 million jobs for the American people.

"You know, four years ago, we experienced a massive crisis. Yet faith and my belief in the future of America is not diminished at all," said Obama.

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