Navigating the European Flea Various Used Goods Stores

Navigating the European Flea Various Used Goods Stores. When you hear about the market, maybe some of us was nearly imagine a chaotic market, where people sell stuff that just sold kilogram and barely able to be used again.

Indeed some flea market atmosphere in the country says. In the hometown of Mother, flea markets avoided some people, because it is one of the less secure areas. Most of the goods sold other than smelly thrift, also pretelan electronic items not spared, old coins opaque, parts of vehicles (cars, bicycles and motorcycles), and the items, which will either be used for anything.
Navigating the European Flea Various Used Goods Stores.

Early live in Europe, His mother was surprised when I hear people talk there will be Flohmarkt (flea market) on a particular date. In Germany, the flea market held at certain times. Some are held once or twice a year in a city center. There is a flea market weekly, biweekly, or four weekly. Usually at the end of the week, which is Saturday and / or Sunday. Until now we have never heard of a German flea market that is open every day. Schedule open they usually can be seen via the internet. Some even have become a tradition for decades in a town.

After being together once invited to a flea market in Nuernberg first, it must be admitted that the atmosphere here is very different from the flea market. He was in an open area special. The place is clean and mostly teratur.Penjualnya drive. There is indeed a job or a hobby selling. Some are just for fun looking for some extra money by selling unused items at home. Seller latter typically offer merchandise at very oblique. Such flea market coordinated by specialized agencies. Those who attract a fee to the seller in accordance with the number of merchandise.

In Bremerhaven first flea market takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Spite of the season and the weather. But when the weather is less friendly sellers and visitors are also very few in number. Conversely, if the weather is very sunny, sellers and visitors crammed almost to bursting.

Because it is located only about a mile from the house, we quite often stopped there. Especially when the weather is warm. Our game is child's play. The price could be a tenth to a third of the new price. Fair. Because the condition is usually still very decent.

Not just junk sold at flea markets. Some booths selling valuable new slant. Also antiques. If you are observant, we can find unique items and antiques cheap. It is said that many merchants come hunting antiques at a flea market. At a flea market in Luxembourg, we see a lot of people selling antiques. Apparently, there is hardly a city that never held a flea market. Small or large scale.

In Athens, we've passed a permanent open market flea market. Mostly in the form of shops. In Brüssel there is also a permanent flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle since more than a hundred years ago. LE Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris is one of the biggest regular flea market in the world. We ourselves have not had time to see him. That said, this flea market is one that is almost not to be missed when visiting Paris. Excellent, yes. Flea markets can be a tourist attraction.


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