Motor Sport Austria KTM X-Bow R More Ready For Circuit

Motor Sport Austria KTM X-Bow R More Ready for Circuit
 Manufacturing Austria, KTM, is developing a variant of the strongest open roof sports car, called the X-BOW R. Car specification "frightening" to be launched in 2011 was seen testing at the Nurburgring circuit at the end of last week.

They used Audi S3 engine capacity of 2.0 L plus turbocharger. Several changes were made so that the power can reach 300 PS. Engine cradle placed lower center of gravity to produce a better and perfect control.


Consumers can choose two packages offered, Sport and Race. The first package was X-BOW R is legal to use on the highway. The second package specially designed for circuits with more wild character.


KTM has not officially announced the details of the specifications for both packages X-BOW R. However, they mentioned that similar components are available in PowerParts program for owners of the previous X-BOW.

Source: autoevolution

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