Most Beautiful Island in France, Bretagne - Brittany

Cotes d'Amor, northern Brittany. We visited:
* Dinan, one of Brittany's most beautiful cities with many homes in buildings with timber frames between assisted. Three miles long camp walls and beautiful palaces, including the old town of Dinan.

* Cap Frehel, is a sensational cape Bretagne. Seven hundred feet tall. Offering a very beautiful and attractive to the Ile de Brehat and 60 km away. Seventy-six meter beacon. Mmerupakan one of the strengths of the French. Anyway landscape is okay if we are strong dech walk around it.

* Fort la Latte, this one is also interesting as usual except we do not go into it just looking from the outside. The fort is built on 13an century and several times in the fix. The photos here okay tuch nice scenery.

* Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, Brittany beaches of white sand and very knowledgeable. If the sea water receded we can walk along the beach. Usually the beaches are full of tourists as well as residents of surrounding areas. Since we were not on vacation this holiday season therefore we can enjoy the beauty and breadth of the beach with convenient once. When there, we also saw some people riding horses around the beach.

* Cote de Granit Rose, there are 3 areas included.1. Ploumanach; coral reef on the coast in the form of an interesting sculpture in the form of the wind, waves and rain. This area of ​​the wind is very strong at all. Anyway we definitely chaotic hair dech alias untidy he ... he ....2. Trebeurden; City there are many beaches seven beaches. I think it was on one of these beaches we see there are many children who are included in the club. They sat like a small car that has a path layer blown by the wind. As the ship sails so, it's just on the beach road and has wheels so. Saying it's rather difficult to explain it I do not have a picture. Alias ​​forget the picture he ....3. Tregastel-Plage; beach here is very good with a large rock shaped like a giant toy so dech.
* Erquy, very charming small beach, because the beach in Bretagne is usually broad.

* Sables d'Or-Les-Pins, the beach is not far from where we were staying. These areas are also allowed in the casino even say the place is not too big. The beach here is can we get away when surrounded by sea water at low tide. Anyway here we fit in there anymore seawater receded and we could sit in the middle of the beach that is located a bit high. But we must quickly begin to put forth its water fit for fear of turning up the water receding aka long wait again.

We sich time there in early June 2005. The weather this month may be in said okay dech aka not hot and not too cold. It's just still can not swim, the water is still cold tuch. We should not be on vacation in August because it was the French holiday season. If the holiday season is usually a place to stay so full and expensive, as well as on the beach is not too crowded and uncomfortable around enjoying nature.My other friend, Feronica Luttmer agreed to donate his writings on this blog. Compared to family travelers flying hours Luttmer family much longer. They have been to almost every continent on earth. Within a year they can make the long journey across three continents, plus perndek traveling in Germany or in some neighboring countries. They often become family counseling both before traveling.

His writings were actually loaded on his personal blog. With a little polish, the text can be enjoyed here. In an effort to make the contents of the blog family travelers become more diverse and informative. Because of the length, I will share some posts to be posting continued. May be useful!

Bretagne - Brittany, France
Bretagne for many people is the most beautiful island in the French half.

Bretagne has two different "faces" in the mirror of his name: Amor "sea area" which is known as the Brittany coast and Argoat "forest area" which is also known as the Bretagne.

Bretagne consists of 4 Department are:1. Ille-et-Vilaine (eastern), capital of Rennes, the capital of Brittany. Known as the Bretagne. Well known for its witches and Castle Forest2. Cote d'Amor (north), coastal part of Brittany. Famous for its pink coral and white sand. Capital of Saint Brieuc.3. Finistere (the west), which means the end of the world. Capital of Quimper.4. Morbihan (south) which means small sea. Capital of Vannes.

We walk to Brittany by car from Bremerhaven (Germany) and rent a house. If we rented a house in France, we have to bring their own bed linen and towels. Eating and cooking equipment available and our sich for electricity there is a limit in one day and if it's over the limit we must add to pay again. We're there to stay at Frehel (north of Brittany).
This time we only visited the eastern and northern Brittany.

Ille-et-Vilaine - the east, we visited:
* Fougeres, The major attractions of the city limits is the castle with 11 towers, high wall thickness of 5m and 30m. It is one of the biggest castles in Europe. The city is built on the rock of the highest in the valley Nancon and palaces built on a rock half-island in the river. A walk around of the Tour Melusine in the west is one of the beautiful scenery to the castle and the town.

* Saint-Malo, an old pirate town is surrounded by a high wall, the wall is destroyed after the second world war. The wall was rebuilt the way it was with the gray granite and is the most beautiful city of the north coast of Brittany.

The places that we can visit here is
Chateau, palace located in the northern part of the old town is built in the year 15an by Duke (Duke Cleaner) Franz II and his daughter Anne de Bretagne. Tiny tower has been standing in 1395 as part of the fortifications. In addition to the City Hall, a few towers in use as a museum.

Fort National, from the Plage de l'Eventail we can reach the fortress of Vauban when the water subsided.
From Waelen we can enjoy a panoramic view of St-Malo and its surroundings as well as very interesting to visit prisons.

* Dinard, British aristocrats in 100an have a resting place on the beach of luxury. Elegant villas built with luxury villas, casino, where walking around the beautiful hotel located on the sandy beach smooth and most luxurious hotels.

* Mont-Saint-Michel, Famous Hill monastery which is a pilgrimage destination of interest in mid-century, with panarama which is amazing. We can walk around in the hills. We can also walk all the way into the sea when the sea receded. Funny thing is also parking available nearby if there are peringgatan tidal seawater, who parked the car there in the hope that if she did not move her car car submerged sea water. He .. he ... he ... We sich parked his car some distance from here aka find a free parking space. Since parking near here already paid trus if the tide should quickly move his car. We were surrounded on a hill with great views, but we are unable to enter the monastery.


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