Moment Beautiful, Excitement at Factory Chocolate Germany

Moment Beautiful, Excitement at Factory Chocolate Germany. Chocolate is a popular souvenir from Europe. No exception of Germany. As a souvenir chocolate bars are usually packed weighing one to two ounces was very practical with hefty price affordable.

Our family was usually not forget to bring trunked-rod when going into the ground water. If the total, congenital chocolate we can exceed ten pounds. Well, it was close to where we live now, in Aachen exactly stood the famous chocolate factory, Lindt & Sprungli. And like other food producers in the country, at their factory stands a special chocolate sales booth. Therein chocolate bought ahead of family travelers going home this year. Moment Beautiful, Excitement at Factory Chocolate Germany, will not be easy to forget.

Location of Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory in Aachen not far from the station west of the city. From here we can directly walk or ride a city bus. If you walk away, at most, only took ten menitan. Moment Beautiful, Excitement at Factory Chocolate Germany, fun and a bit embarrassing,hehe

From the outside, the center sells plants look like ordinary buildings. Writing "Fabrikverkauf" appears on the front. Some buyers seem to have bought cartons of chocolate. Causes curiosity became stronger. What type of chocolate are discounted at the time. In front of the glass doors is prohibited to operate a camera in the store. We also took a big shopping cart. Entering the inside of the store like a supermarket chocolate.

Brown different colors and flavors are available in various shapes and sizes. Levels of chocolate varies from a low level, to yield 99 percent dark chocolate. One shelf displaying a variety of fruit-flavored chocolate. Strawberries, forest berries, berries Johannis, and pomegranate. Another shelf contains exotic chocolate flavors of ginger, cinnamon, nuts and chili. There is also a special chocolate for diabetics. As well as a special chocolate cake ingredients. Everything sold at lower prices than the price of the same chocolate on the market. Chocolate brand Lindt & Sprungli chocolate is indeed worth quite expensive. Brown is almost expired slam price.

His mother becomes a little crazy meliha tons of chocolate. He wanted to try all the flavors if you do not have to remember to be careful, because some contain ingredients not halal. If you want to be more efficient, chocolate fans come along a little section of the store. Here, chocolate is sold in 750 gram pack of large size up to a kilo. Sense and content of any sorts. According to taste. Truly a fitting place to add fat deposits in the body. Not feel, we have a shopping cart filled chocolate berkilo.

Approaching the cashier offered more cocoa prices soar. Packaging and shape look even more beautiful and exclusive. Pralinen various shapes and sizes invite buyers to try. His mother swallowed almost endless. Ah, the chocolate factory really make crazy .


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