Many Wonderful Memories Currently Travel to Germany

Many wonderful memories currently travel to Germany. Yesterday evening, on one day in October, on the way from the train ride fire Duren towards Bremen, an unpleasant unexpected events occur. Right before the train departed, came an announcement that the train departure was delayed until an unspecified time. A person or group of people has been deliberately put some dangerous objects such as stone, iron and wood above the railway tracks. The irresponsible actions that could endanger the lives of many people. Reportedly, the line was closed because Mr. pollicis is investigating the case.

In front of us, two railway line to pass ahead of the station Duren. The Thalys from Paris and one S-Bahn. Not to mention the trains from opposite directions. His mother began to worry, while the father rushed to the vending machine. Scored the next train schedule towards Bremen. Half a day is past eight more. While the train connection from Cologne will depart promptly at 20:11 local time.
Many wonderful memories currently travel to Germany, i like it brad.

Printouts advanced train schedule does not make us happy. Next train towards Bremen, leaving about ten o'clock at night. Connect-connect two more times, and had arrived in the city until nearly six o'clock the next morning. Of course it was too late to check in and board the plane Ryanair to Kaunas, Lithuania. His mother is not worried yet, but already in the stage of losing hopes to fly the next day. Imagine losing tickets and bus, and the hotel was booked. Ticket controller officer, initially seem too eager to help when the father asked her solution. Maybe because it confused a lot of questions to serve other passengers in the train.

Surrender, we are just waiting for the train while accompanying children. The prayers we prayed. Trying to set the heart, convince yourself, if it's His will we cancel a holiday, there will probably be another boon for us.

Around eight o'clock, the train began to move from Duren. Slow and it was impossible before the train got there we set up quickly. Most fast, the train journey takes half an hour there. And according to the clerk said, ICE fast train is not going to wait for passengers from the train late.

When Mr officers through again and see us carrying two small children he seemed untouchable. Immediately he was busy looking for information about the possibility of us getting the train that arrived on time in Bremen. Lama repeated his check book his travel schedule. Although the results are nil, he suggested that we immediately contact the information Deutsche Bahn (German Perumka) when he got in Cologne. Who knows, they might give you a taxi to continue my journey.

We do like his suggestion. With anxious hope, joined a long line of passengers queuing at the other information needed. A mother was big but look kindly offered his help. We explain what happened. Deftly he immediately struggled with his computer. Find other alternatives for our railways. Long he did. With occasional calls to other stations. Until fifteen minutes we stood there. Creating a queue behind us getting longer and longer.

Shortly thereafter, two men came penggede Deutsche Bahn. A manager and a boss again. He signed a piece of paper that our previous train late. Two penggede which then helps to shorten the queue information officer.

Mom then handed the paper information officer of the manager, while explaining the possibility of an alternative railway us that night. We will ride ICE direction Hannover. He has been called Hannover that the last train towards Bremen waiting for us at the station. If the train does not wait well, he said, you'll get a taxi to Bremen from the information officer in Hannover.

Thankfully. We were relieved. There is a solution of the Deutsche Bahn. His mother who had direct pessimistic grateful and started brightly again as she climbed into ICE direction Hannover.

Sure enough, the last train towards Bremen Hannover waiting for us at the station. We're not feeling real well with the other passengers have caused this train about 10 minutes late. Thank God, He still gave us a chance on vacation. Deutsche Bahn Bravo! For his efforts to provide better services for passengers.


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