Luzern City, An Overview On Heaven in the World?

Luzern, An Overview On Heaven in the World?

 List of places and cities we wanted to visit while in Switzerland rather long. With the allocation of 5 days, we wanted to visit at least 10 cities: Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Lugano, Lucerne, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Liechtenstein, Rheinfall and Busingen. The fact is, the condition of the body is not proportional to the ambition. The three cities have dropped from the list. Toured Switzerland in winter need very excellent stamina.

His mother had a fever when I got home a new best friend in Zürich. Dad was feeling very tired. On the second day, we decided to visit the nearby city of Zürich Luzern. There is a companion named Chitra accompany our family. At noon we had left the house. Taking medication, we feel strong enough to enjoy the day. That day, on December 25.

The toll road looks very crowded at this holiday. I do not know, maybe they also stay in touch with each other between friends or family. Less than an hour, we arrived at this lakeside town. Spun briefly in the center of town, we found a parking spot near the lake. However, we do not know how to pay. In Germany, people can park for free at the holidays. However, in this high-paced country, it does not seem valid. We did not find free information on holiday. We're confused, do not know how to pay for parking. Other cars invisible display parking ticket. Want to pay at automated machines, we do not have a coin. The machine does not accept paper money and could not give change. Incredible.

His mother asked a thirtysomething woman flashed. He shows how. When we say do not have a coin and want to exchange money, he put some coins, enough for 2 hours of parking. He said, do not need to be replaced, because today is Christmas. Oh, it was moved by receiving kindness in times of need. How proverb, "Shoots loved, side dish arrives".

Luzern, according to His mother is a depiction of heaven on earth. Indeed, man can not even imagine the beauty of the original paradise. However, if asked to designate one place in the world that is very elegant and comfortable, the Mother will be happy to tell Luzern.

Luzern, like a picture in a book of fairy tales. The city is beautiful, with the river flowing in the middle of town. On the edge of the mountains surrounding the lake. Typical of a city in Switzerland. A first pass here, breathing seemed to stop. Mashallah. Just amazing. Blue lake. White Mountains covered in snow. On the edge of the lake is a street with pepohohonan. Ah, Mother fell in love at first sight. Even the cold weather will not diminish our wonder at this city.

We walked to the river, crossed by a wooden bridge. Inside there are paintings. A collection of stories from the Bible, the comment of a tourist. Heart Mother was bubbling with amazement. Intermittently shooting here and there. Rivers, lakes, old buildings, unique buildings, mountains, people passing by the lake or sit around looking at the mountains, pigeon flying, waiting sprinkled some bread, geese swim while lazing. It will not run out of potretan here.

At Christmas, the city did not look lonely. In contrast, foreign language sounds everywhere. They do not care, even though all the shops closed and only one or two restaurants open. We ourselves want to take advantage of this two-hour maximum. Walking on the edge of the lake, through the old town and pedestrian area, observing mini hydropower, watching various expensive chocolate, swallowing hard, endlessly photographed. Ohhh, to running out of words to describe the beauty of Lucerne.


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